And how many conversations there were! PSG with Messi, Mbappé and Neymar failed to win in Bruges

“Paris Saint-Germain” in the match against “Club Brugge” released from the first minutes Messi, Mbappe and Neymar, but the star attacking trio failed to score even once. Herrera distinguished himself, but his accurate blow was not enough for the Parisians to win.

Game protocol

The owners of Paris Saint-Germain dream of winning the Champions League and are spending serious money on it. The Parisians began a new campaign in the tournament in Bruges against the team of the same name. From the very first minutes PSG included the Neymar – Mbappe – Messi trio, from whom everyone expects miracles, and it was curious to see this attack in action.

However, at the beginning of the meeting, the French could get into big problems. After cutting off at his goal, Paredes played roughly against Ketelare from behind, but even after watching the video replay, the Argentinean was not removed. The Parisians themselves scored almost immediately. Mbappé received the ball from the left and shot into the center of the penalty area, from where Herrera hit Mignolet against the flow.

PSG did not slow down and tried to score more. The Parisians were active, but it didn’t get to the point. As a result, Brugge scored a surprising goal, and the ball turned out to be very similar. After the attack with the left flank, Sobol shot into the center of the penalty area, and Vanaken shot Navas in touch.

The guests could immediately return to the status quo. Messi went to the penalty line and shot, but the hosts were saved by the crossbar. Soon the owners were already able to come out ahead. The Belgians earned the right to a free kick from close range, and after Vanaken’s shot, Navas struggled to pull the ball out of the corner in the fall. A little later, Ketelare entered the penalty area from the left and hit the right corner, but the PSG goalkeeper rescued his team again. As a result, the teams left for the break with a draw result.

At the beginning of the second half, Sowa sent Lang into the right area of ​​the penalty area, who shot from an acute angle, but Navas parried this blow. Almost immediately after that, the Parisians lost their attacking trio – Mbappe was injured and gave way to Mauro Icardi after. After that, both teams tried to come up with something ahead, but it did not come to scoring chances.

Fifteen minutes before the end of the match, Messi entered the penalty area in the center, shifted to the left and shot hard into the corner, but Mignolet rescued his team. Almost immediately, the hosts almost scored a beautiful goal, when, after a pass from the left, Lang beat in the fall over himself, but almost missed the target. At the end of the match, Icardi could have scored, which was closed by Mendes’ cross, but missed the target. As a result, the fight ended in a draw.

In the next round, PSG will play at home with Manchester City, and this will be a real test for the attacking trio of the French club. Brugge will go on a visit to Leipzig in the next round.

Andrey Tsentrov

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