Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 7

Today, Apple, as part of its annual autumn presentation, presented us with a new smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 7. I think that everyone was waiting for the Apple Watch: from young to old. Primarily because the watch was supposed to receive an updated design, but this did not happen. Secondly, in Cupertino, they finally tried to solve the problem with autonomy, which was a lump in everyone’s throat. Of course, only time will tell what this gadget is capable of, but, we admit, Apple still managed to surprise the public. Well, I propose to consider the main features of the watch and answer the question: is it worth buying?

Apple introduced the new Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch 7 design

The design leaked before the presentation was presented quite differently. Perhaps everyone was confident in the “rectangular format”, but this did not happen.

The new watches have an appearance that is very similar to the previous watches, but this is only at first glance. The new watch screen is now 20% larger, making it easier for you to browse content. The corners of the watch have become a little more rounded, but in general, these are the same watches that we are used to seeing.

The new Apple Watch is the most durable Apple watch ever. According to Cupertino, the front glass is 50% thicker and has a completely different design. The base has become flat, and due to this, the glass has acquired a more reliable shape with increased resistance to cracks.

In addition, the watch received 5 different colors: blue, black, red, gold and dark green, which immediately catches the eye at the presentation.

New colors for Apple Watch 7.

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What’s new in Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch Series 7, apparently, is powered by the processor from Apple Watch Series 6. In any case, not a word was said about the performance of the new watch. We worked out a training regime for cyclists. Apple has also added new watch faces and bands for its watches.

The new watch also got a new charger: the new station works via the USB-C interface. According to Apple, the new Apple Watch is the toughest watch in the company’s history. Let’s see how they show themselves in action!

Apple Watch 7 has new features:

  • the ability to detect falls from the bike.
  • The screen of the new watch now contains 50% more text.
  • There is a new way to enter text: through the keyboard.
  • New display that changes depending on the angle of inclination.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating, for the first time in a watch.

New features for Apple Watch 7.

But the new functions in the form of a thermometer, measuring blood pressure and blood glucose, we, unfortunately, and did not see, exactly like the square design, reminiscent of the iPhone 12. But the watch did a good job on its autonomy. New watch will charge 33% faster Series 6. Up to 80% can be charged in just 45 minutes. This is a success!

The Mindfulness app added a new feature called Reflection, and Apple Fitness + added guided meditations – video sessions and audio. Pilates and Taijiquan appeared in the training mode.

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Apple Watch 7 price

Apple Watch price 7.

In the US, the Apple Watch Series 7 will cost $ 399. Series 3, SE and new 7 remained in the lineup. At the presentation they said that the watch will be available for purchase a little later, this fall. Well, we’ll wait.

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