Apple’s presentation yesterday highlighted the company’s intention to dominate the streaming industry

Yesterday, Apple held an online presentation, in which the iPad and iPad mini tablets, Watch Series 7 smartwatches, the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini smartphones, as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max flagships were presented to the general public. At the same time, at the presentation, Apple emphasized its intention to take a dominant position in the streaming segment.

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

This is even indicated by the fact that yesterday’s virtual event began with a demonstration of the rapidly growing Apple TV + service. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the presentation by screening films and television shows that will soon debut on the streaming platform. He noted that since the service launched in 2019, Apple TV + original films and series have been nominated for various awards more than 500 times and have won the prize more than 130 times. Separately, it was mentioned that Apple TV + films received 35 nominations for the prestigious Emmy awards, which is an impressive result for a platform that is only two years old.

At the event dedicated to hardware products, apart from the upcoming premieres, nothing significant was said about the future of the service. However, showing it at the very beginning of the presentation and setting aside a significant part of the time for this indicates Apple’s intention to continue to actively develop its own streaming service. According to the source, Apple is ready to go further and continue to expand its franchises and increase the volume of content produced. The company is expected to significantly increase the number of new TV shows and films. It is noted that the technology giant is ready to spend up to $ 500 million on marketing the service.

Despite all the awards, Apple still has a lot of questions to tackle if it intends to compete in the streaming service segment with major players such as Netflix and Disney. The Apple TV + library should get bigger, quickly filling up with new movies and TV shows, if the company wants to retain users after the platform’s free period ends. Apple also has to find a way to draw attention to its series before they become available to watch. The allocation of space during the presentation of new products to talk about upcoming premieres clearly demonstrates the company’s desire to attract more attention to its streaming service.

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