Arbitrum scaling protocol crashed

On September 14, at about 17:14 Moscow time, the Ethereum solution of the second level of Arbitrum experienced a 45-minute failure due to an error in the Sequencer contract. During this time, the network did not process transactions.

The developers said that users’ funds are safe. Transactions received during the outage period were re-assigned the timestamp to 5:59 PM UTC when the Sequencer returned online, but their order was completely preserved.

“The Sequencer cannot steal funds or falsify transactions because every transaction it processes has a digital user signature that is verified by the Arbitrum chain. User funds were not compromised, ”the developers emphasized.

The main reason for the failure was the Sequencer bug, which received a very large batch of transactions in a short time. The project team is working on fixing the error.

They also reported that the Arbitrum network is resilient to long-term Sequencer outages.

“Users have the ability to bypass the Sequencer and send transactions directly to Ethereum for delayed inclusion in the Arbitrum chain, and this capability was fully preserved during the incident,” the developers explained.

The project team has warned of possible reoccurrences as Arbitrum One, which launched in late August, is still in beta testing.

Recall that at the beginning of the week, the value of assets in Arbitrum reached $ 2.2 billion.

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