Carlo Ancelotti brought Real Madrid the 10th Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos and other heroes of Desima

Juventus, Arsenal, Bayern, Roma, Liverpool, Lyon – this order of commands is familiar to any fan of Real Madrid. Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund – these rivals are remembered by everyone who fell in love with Madrid under Jose Mourinho. The mix of German, English and Italian clubs has proved to be a major obstacle in the modern history of Madrid. Foreign tops thwarted the Spaniards’ onward campaigns behind Desima, their 10th Champions League win.

Florentino Perez was most irritated by Real’s failures. In 2009, the manager returned to his post in Madrid with a fix idea – to bring the 10th Champions League to the Spanish capital. “Desima has made us Real Madrid fans obsessed. Now we are free, striving for the 11th victory without such strong pressure, “the functionary admitted after the 2014 finals.

In 2021, Real Madrid celebrated the seventh anniversary of a historic victory. In 2014, the fate of the Champions League was decided for the first time in a derby. Success in the game against Atlético turned out to be the beginning of the most powerful segment of Madrid in the 10s. It was launched by five heroes.

Uefa champions league

The past window is one of the best. Here are 5 more candidates


Iker Casillas

In the 2012/13 season, Iker Casillas became the face of discord between Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho. The conflict with the legend hastened the departure of the Portuguese from Madrid and left Carlo Ancelotti with a dilemma of who to appoint the first number: the goalkeeper-captain competed with Diego Lopez.

The Italian coach solved the problem diplomatically and divided the playing time depending on the tournament. Casillas led Real’s campaign for Desima, Lopez helped in the championship. The 2013/14 Champions League began for Iker with an injury in the game against Galatasaray, but after that the Spaniard gave five clean sheets. In the legendary campaign, the Madrid goalkeeper conceded only nine goals.

One of the goals into the goal of Casillas flew in in the final due to an error at the exit: Iker rushed to throw into the penalty area, but got stuck in a half-position – the ball flew over the goal line. “The 2013/14 season turned out to be one of the best in my career, even if I played the fewest games in it. Despite the mistake in the Champions League final, I think I had an excellent campaign, ”the goalkeeper summed up.

In the iconic final, Casillas could have faced Mourinho, whose Chelsea had tripped over Atlético a stage earlier. A victory over Jose would carry even greater symbolism.

Sergio Ramos

“I kissed him and said, ‘You are the damn boss! You will forever be remembered as the player who brought Desimu to the club! ” – recalled Casillas in 2020. Sergio Ramos was the recipient of the praise – the center-back fell into the arms of Iker at the end of regular time in the 2014 final.

92:48 – these numbers will be remembered by Real Madrid fans no worse than the list of offensive teams. In the 93rd minute of the Lisbon final, a nod from Ramos evened the score and started overtime. In 2019, Sergio confessed: he represented an effective rally even before the standard and knew that Luka Modric would send him the perfect cross.

The final with Atlético was too personal for Ramos. Grandfather Sergio warned that he did not want to die without seeing his grandson with the Champions League gold medal, and a few days before the iconic derby, the defender had a son – because of the replenishment, his wife could not support the fourth number from the stands.

By the way, in 2017, Ramos thought to change his playing number to 93 in honor of the goal in the Champions League final. Sergio postponed the idea of ​​changing the numbers on the jersey until the final season of his career.

Gareth Bale

In the summer of 2013, Florentino Perez formed the BBC trio: Gareth Bale came to Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the first match of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League against Schalke, each striker scored a double. Real Madrid beat the Germans 6: 1, and a bunch of stars played out completely.

In the 2013/14 Champions League, Bale ran 12 matches, threw six goals and handed out four assists. One of the assists came in the return semi-final with Bayern Munich, one of the goals was victorious in the final. During the tournament, Gareth acted on both the left and right flanks, and in 2020 he called Desima the main achievement in his league career.

“Not every player won the Champions League in their hometown, but I did it. In Kiev, I scored the winning goal. But Desima is still the most memorable victory – it meant too much for the club, ”explained the winger.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The 2013/14 Champions League is the perfect tournament for the ego of Cristiano Ronaldo. His team knocked out a historic victory, and the Portuguese himself closed the campaign with an armful of personal records.

Ronaldo finished the European Cup as the top scorer with 17 goals. The Portuguese set the Champions League record in goals in one rally – an achievement that still holds. Krish rushed to the historical figure from the very first match, against Galatasaray, which was ruled by Roberto Mancini. In the 2012/13 season, the Istanbulites bit Real Madrid in the quarterfinals and won the home match 3: 2. Madrid slipped into the next stage with a 3-0 win in the first game.

In the first round of the 2013/14 Champions League, Real Madrid beat Galatasaray 6-1, while Ronaldo scored a hat-trick. Krish shot nine hits and threw out three successful dribbles out of five without ever losing the ball. As a result of the game, ESPN predicted: “Of course, the Champions League is not won in one match, and Real Madrid have won the debut round of the European Cup for six years. But if Madrid extends the level it showed in Istanbul for the whole tournament, there will be no one to be afraid. “

Following a successful trip to Turkey, Real beat Copenhagen 4: 0 and beat Juventus 2: 1. In both matches, Ronaldo helped Madrid with a double. Ancelotti’s team have repeated the club record for scoring in three Champions League opening games with 12 goals.

In the remaining rounds, “Real” stumbled only once – closed the exit to “Juventus” with a score of 2: 2. Until the end of the group stage, Ronaldo threw in two more goals. In total, the Portuguese scored nine goals and became the champion of the Champions League group stages. In the 2013/14 season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic also claimed the achievement. Striker “PSG” lacked one successful shot.

“I’m happy to have broken the Champions League record. Real Madrid are in good shape. We play confident and attractive football, ”stressed Ronaldo at the end of the last group match against Copenhagen.

Carlo Anchelotti

In 2013, after being eliminated from the Champions League semi-finals, being defeated by Atlético in the Cup final and 13 points behind Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid’s bosses agreed to end their contract with Jose Mourinho. A place in Madrid was predicted by Carlo Ancelotti: the Italian was just striving to leave PSG. In May, Perez denied any rumors about the ex-coach of Milan, but in June he rolled out a contract to the specialist.

“Ancelotti’s manner and character are perfect for Real Madrid. Carlo is a football, intelligent person, a winner by nature, “Perez advertised the chosen one. With the change of coach, Madrid bought 150 million euros. Ancelotti has already moved away from Mourinho’s tactical legacy. Real Madrid changed their formation from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3. The hidden leaders in Carlo’s Madrid were Modric and Xabi Alonso.

The bet on Luka fired in the decisive drawing of the final. It was the Croat who hung in front of the climactic goal of Ramos. “I never think about how this or that game episode could end, but before a corner kick in the 90th minute I was sure that Real Madrid would score. We got the last chance to level the score, but I knew that the score would become equal as soon as I saw Modric and Ramos on their way to someone else’s penalty area, “Carlo recalled.

“The final was held according to our scenario. Yes, it was more difficult than expected, it was possible to level the score only in the 90th minute, but it is unfair to blame the team for the low quality of the game. We created chances and controlled the match. In the end, Real Madrid were lucky, but the players deserved to be lucky, ”Ancelotti thought. A year later, the Italian coach left the capital team to Zinedine Zidane. Six years later, he took Madrid back.

Carlo Anchelotti

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In 2021, the news of Ancelotti’s comeback was titled by the press service of Real Madrid: “The coach who gave Madrid to Desim is returning to the club.” The 10th Champions League remained the main achievement in Carlo’s Spanish career.

In the new decade, the coach accepted Real Madrid with different tasks. If in 2013 Perez was burning with fantasies about European victories, then in 2021 he looks forward to the Super League and the transition of Kilian Mbappe. Madrid has entered a planned restructuring where Ancelotti’s main skill – working with the individual level of players – will be key.

Throughout his coaching career, Carlo has built systems that reveal leaders. This is exactly what the young Madrid players need. Since 2013, a lot has changed: even Thibaut Courtois, who played at the goal of Atlético, suddenly found himself among the neighbors in the capital. Only Ancelotti made a loop in history and found himself in Real Madrid again.

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