Fat Thor from God of War Ragnarok is the peak of male power, says powerlifting champion

Thor’s appearance from God of War Ragnarok is controversial. Some players laugh, and some don’t want to buy the game now because of the character’s appearance. The dark-skinned giantess Angrboda also raises questions.

The Six Axis asked to rate the appearance of Thor, who is considered by some to be fat, the holder of two world records and a three-time British powerlifting champion.

Darren McCormac commented, “Like it or not, Thor is from [God of War Ragnarok] – the peak of male power [силы]… As a strength athlete, I believe there is a correlation [соотношение] between volume and strength. In powerlifting, the most competitive classes are up to 100 kg and up to 110 kg – guys who lift several times their own weight. They won’t be tall, they’ll be bulky [имеется ввиду крепкие]…

The guys who lift the biggest weights are often in the 125kg category, but not all of these guys have abs, not all. There will be a layer of fat on top, it turns out powerful [«силовой»] stomach. Any old fool can pump up abs – yes, I mean you, Mr. Hemsworth [Крис Хемсворт, исполнитель роли Тора в фильмах Marvel]- but a powerful belly and large trapeziums are a sign of a devilishly strong person. “

Darren lifted 380 kg when he weighed 133: “I have a belly, and it honestly helps me lift the weight better than when I was leaner and lifted 110”.

“Look at the lineup of the recent World’s Strongest Man competition: large, with powerful bellies that give them a center of gravity. These men [например, Том Столтман, самый сильный человек в мире 2021] are at their peak of physical fitness, this is how it should be [их внешность]… And it’s the same with Thor. “

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