Funcom bought the company that owns the rights to Conan – Igromania

Funcom bought the company Cabinet Group, which owns licenses for a whole layer of intellectual property. In particular, she owns the rights to the creative legacy of Robert Irwin Howard, the creator of the Cimmerian Conan and the entire Hyborian era universe.

Under Cabinet Group licenses, Conan exiles and Age of conan, Mutant: Year Zero and Kult: Divinity Lost, films were shot “Chronicle of mutants” and “Conan the Barbarian“. A subsidiary studio is now established to take advantage of all these possibilities. Heroic Signatures

Heroic Signatures, a joint venture between Funcom and the Cabinet Group, will manage the entire intellectual property portfolio. She plans to develop franchises in all forms, including film, television, games, publishing, collectible toys and more.

The head of Funcom announced that Heroic Signatures is already engaged in an unannounced project, which involves a variety of characters from the legacy of Robert Howard. Besides Conan, it could be Red Sonja, Solomon Kane, Dark Agnes, Kull, Thulsa Doom, Bran McMorn and many others. And as a source of inspiration, they call “what Fortnite did with the Avengers. “

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