God of War writer Ragnarok tried to explain the presence of a black girl in Norse mythology, but could not convince the players

God of War lead writer Ragnarok lashed out at “loud minority”With criticism, giving out a whole chain of messages in which Matt Sophos tries to explain where the black girl came from in the cold and always gloomy Scandinavian mythology.

According to Sophos, when working on plots, screenwriters always drag a piece of themselves into the game that contains their views of the world. Supposedly, politics is and should be everywhere. Needless to say, most players didn’t buy into such explanations.

“You can make a bold political statement by making the following game about Egyptian and African gods with white characters.” Bert godding

“It seems to me that this is just a trick. A common advertising gimmick. She’s in the game to promote diversity and inclusiveness, which isn’t a bad thing. Only in this way, you show disrespect for the culture and way of life of many people. In the future, try not to offend longtime fans of the series and assume they are racist. You have your own vision of the game, but we have the right to disagree with him. “, – Supreme overlord kvasir

“Sorry, but we ordinary players do not like it when they try to shove this cultural diversity down the throat.”, – Duane harrison

“Mister I know history better than anyone else, don’t forget what happened with Battlefield 5 and Patrick Söderlund. It wasn’t that long ago, so you don’t have to surf out of the Icelandic manuscripts you’re busy studying. (although I’m sure you didn’t even do that)“, – Calm agent

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