How the Olympians dispose of the donated cars: one BMW is put up for sale, the other one violated traffic rules

“I didn’t think it was a lawn.” What the heroes of the 2020 Olympics are doing with the cars donated to them

Angelina Nikolaeva

Angelina Nikolaeva

Olympians machines

At least one new BMW has already been put up for sale. Another was parked incorrectly.

Saturday, September 11, Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev presented the Russian champions and prize-winners of the 2020 Olympic Games with the keys to brand new BMW cars. Leaving the square near the Kremlin, these cars drove to the cities and parking lots of the happy owners.

However, one car has already been put up for sale. The owner of the second may have to deal with a large fine. And the third gave his car to his father.

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Nagorny violated traffic rules

The first small scandal associated with a gift for success in Tokyo was provoked by the hero of the 2020 Olympics, Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Nikita Nagornyleaving the new BMW on the lawn. For this in Moscow, motorists are punished with a fine of five thousand rubles. However, the car has not yet been registered with the traffic police by the new owner, which means that it belongs to the Russian Olympians Support Fund. That is, the car belongs to a legal entity, and a much more serious amount can be recovered from it – up to 300 thousand rubles.

“I didn’t think it was a lawn – some kind of hillock, just earth. I came to the radio for a live broadcast, blocked another car, they called me, asked to park. There was no more time – there was a live broadcast. There were no empty seats nearby. I put it like that for 20 minutes. Excuse me, please, that it happened, “- quotes the words of Nagorny” “.

For sale for five million

At least one of the cars has already been put up for sale by some of the athletes. The owner of the BMW X3 is unknown, but judging by the model of the car, one of the silver medalists of the Games received it as a gift. The price of an Olympic car on the ad site is 5,100,000 rubles.

Whoever this athlete is, you should not blame him – he has the right to dispose of the gift as he pleases. In the end, one must understand that the very maintenance and service of such a machine is an expensive pleasure. And the athlete may already have his favorite car.

Photo: RIA Novosti

The Russian Olympians were presented with luxurious cars.  Champion BMW costs 5.9 million rubles!
The Russian Olympians were presented with luxurious cars. Champion BMW costs 5.9 million rubles!

“And without me there will be someone to ride on it”

Olympic champion in high jump Maria Lasitskene until she managed to get her car, as she could not get to the meeting with the President of Russia and the presentation of cars due to the fact that she participated in the competition and could not remain in quarantine.

However, the champion said that she herself is not going to drive the new BMW: “Dad and spouse have the rights, so even without me there will be someone to ride it,” TASS quotes her as saying.

Gift for father

Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Musa Evloev said that he would give his car to his father. “The presidential car is of particular value to me as an athlete. Therefore, I want my father to drive it, ”Yevloyev wrote on his Instagram.

“I dreamed about such a car”

And here is the Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Svetlana Romashina – one of those who will leave the presented car for themselves.

“A solemn awarding ceremony for the Olympians took place in the Kremlin. The President awarded me the Order of Alexander Nevsky. Of course, this is very pleasant, and I am extremely grateful. We were also presented with wonderful cars – I dreamed of such a car, I will keep it for myself. “

Champion BMWs for the Averins

An exception to the rules on the ratio of the won medal and the model of the donated car was made only for the sisters Averinwho survived the big scandal at the Tokyo Games.

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Silver medalist of the 2020 Olympics in rhythmic gymnastics Dina Averina received a BMW X5, which is awarded to Russian gold medalists. Also, the BMW X3 was awarded to Arina Averina, who became only the fourth in Tokyo.

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