“I am pleased with the debut in the Champions League and the first match of Zenit. We managed to contain Lukaku, ”reports Claudinho – Football

Zenit midfielder Claudinho shared his impressions after the match with Chelsea (0: 1), which became his debut in the Champions League.

– Claudinho, congratulations on your Champions League debut! Share your impressions of the game.

– I’m happy! This is a landmark and very important moment in my life and career. When I went out to the field and heard the anthem, goosebumps ran – that was my dream! And not only mine, but every football player in general. Therefore, I am very glad – both how I played myself and how the whole team played. We defended well, had the opportunity to score a goal. Unfortunately, we did not succeed, and Chelsea seized their chance and won.

– You moved to Europe as one of the best players in the Brazilian Championship. In your opinion, what is the difference between Brazilian football and playing in the Champions League in London against the current winner of the tournament?

– Here is a different level, higher – different dynamics, faster than speed, so you need to be concentrated for all 90 minutes, play out all the episodes to the end. Again, I am pleased with my debut and our first match in the group stage. I will continue to work and progress to help the team perform at their best and get to the playoffs.

– Shortly before Lukaku’s goal, we heard your conversation with Malcolm. There was a corner, and you told him: “Something is not working out, it doesn’t work out!”, And he answered you: “Play forward, you have to attack!”. Soon the hosts scored. When Chelsea started to put pressure, did you find it very difficult?

– Of course, it was not easy. In that situation, I was moving with the ball to the center of the field, but I did not find any options for continuing the attack, but I simply did not want to part with the ball, I wanted to play some combination. As a result, he was taken away from me, but Rakitskiy interrupted the attack and knocked the ball out for a corner. And five minutes later Chelsea scored. And yet I think we had a good game. We managed to hold back Lukaku – one of the best “nines” of modern football, if not the best. And the merit of Chelsea is that they were able in the end to hack our defense and achieve victory, – said the Brazilian.

Semak played with a movable defense and a transformer scheme in the attack, but Chelsea hacked Zenit by connecting Azpilicueta

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