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Infura, a ConsenSys service that provides a suite of blockchain development tools, today announced the public release of its Ethereum transaction relay service, Infura Transactions (ITX). ITX makes it easier for the developer to send transactions, such as handling pending transactions, managing nonce, and gradually increasing prompts to encourage block producers to prioritize their transactions.

While EIP-1559 helped DApp developers avoid overpaying gas fees to ensure their transactions are mined in most cases, ITX helps prevent overpayment of fees when the Ethereum network is heavily congested.

DApps may need to re-publish higher fee transactions if the network becomes congested with pending transactions, or manage their own transaction queue to ensure that high-priority transactions are mined first and do not conflict with other transactions. These considerations burden DApp developers and add cost and uncertainty to their end users.

Tae Oh, founder and CEO of Gluwa, recently announced the integration of Gluwa with ITX. “Infura Transactions will help Gluwa Wallet users improve the user experience with users expected to pay an average of 10-15% less for ETH transactions once integrated.”

ConsenSys and Infura are accelerating efforts to provide developers with the simplest, most affordable tools on Ethereum. The industry’s first dynamic gas price boosting algorithm and real-time commission adjustments from Infura ensure fast transaction processing at the best value.

With ITX, enterprise developers can transact with prepaid accounts without holding ETH on their balances and letting Infura manage their transactions.

‚ÄúSending transactions to Ethereum can be a huge obstacle to a quality user experience. Moreover, direct interaction with the ETH token can be unfortunate for many companies. ITX not only addresses these issues, but also helps reduce transaction costs by completely eliminating the need to actively manage a transaction after it has been sent. ITX further strengthens Infura’s position as a leading provider of web development tools, meeting the needs of both developers working with their own web technologies and enterprises looking to grow their business. “

Michael Godsey, GM and Head of Product at Infura

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