IPhone 11: the most popular smartphone from Apple in Russia revealed

On the eve of Apple’s annual presentation, the Beeline.Analytica service analyzed which iPhone model is the most popular in Russia. It turned out that now most of the Apple-branded devices are in the Moscow region (20% of the total number of devices in the region registered in the Beeline network).

The second most popular iPhone, according to Beeline.Analytika, is occupied by Sochi and Grozny – 17% of residents use Apple phones there. Makhachkala is in third place with 16%. Kaliningrad and Yakutsk are in fourth and fifth places, with 15% of iPhone users each. 14% of customers using iPhone in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nazran and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Most often, Apple brand products are used by people under 25 – 22% of the total number of subscribers in this age category. People aged 25 to 45 use Apple phones a little less – such 15%. 10% of iPhones each among users in the 45-65 age categories and those over 65. An interesting fact is that iPhone owners on average consume 17% more mobile Internet than users of devices of other brands.

Top 10 popular smartphones from Apple, registered on the Beeline network:

1. Apple iPhone 11

2. Apple iPhone 7

3. Apple iPhone 6

4. Apple iPhone 6s

5. Apple iPhone XR

6. Apple iPhone 5s

7. Apple iPhone SE

8. Apple iPhone X

9. Apple iPhone 8

10. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Note that smartphones of the first and second generations (2G and 3G) are still used by about 1% of customers.

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