Jake Paul refused to rematch with Woodley and discussed possible rivals

Popular video blogger and aspiring professional boxer Jake Paul announced that he gave up the idea of ​​a re-fight against the former UFC champion Tyrone Woodleywho did not fulfill the conditions of the wager regarding the tattoo. Paul defeated Woodley by split decision in August this year, and after the fight, the boxers agreed that rematch would take place if Woodley got a tattoo with the words “I love Jake Paul.”

“This is over,” Paul is quoted by ESPN. “I’m leaving Tyrone in the past. He did not fulfill the conditions – he did not get a tattoo. Therefore, there is no point in revenge. “

“If he got a tattoo right now, this video on Instagram would have 10 million views, there would be an incredible amount of hype around it,” added Paul. – And I in my way would be forced to give him revenge. Then I would not have been able to refuse, because he kept his word, and I would have had to keep my own. But he ruined everything. He missed the opportunity to make big money again because of his ego. “

According to Jake Paul, he has several potential rivals for the next fight, and one of them is the British. Tommy Fury, younger brother of world champion Tyson Fury, who defeated sparring partner Jake Paul Anthony Taylor in one show with the Paul-Woodley fight.

“He’s a known-unknown boxer,” Paul said of Tommy Fury. – He is from a famous boxing family. People keep saying, “Fight a real boxer.” Therefore, this fight is definitely interesting to me. I don’t know if he is popular enough. We are still awaiting UK PPV sales results. ”

Paul noted that while he does not know whether he will enter the ring before the end of this year or his next fight will take place in 2022, and it depends on the candidacy of the opponent. He was recently challenged by another former UFC champion, 44. Vitor Belfort, who teamed up with Triller to announce that he was offering $ 30 million to the winner of their fight.

“It’s possible,” Paul said of the fight with Belfort. – However, to be honest, Triller does not have that amount. It’s just a good move on their part. In my opinion, this is not such an interesting fight. Vitor was a big star in his day, but not in the current world of combat sports. He’s a little old. It’s not very attractive. He’s an easier opponent than Tyrone. “

Jake Paul noted that he is considering the possibility of a fight against the 46-year-old former UFC champion Anderson Silvawho recently knocked out in the boxing ring Tito Ortiz, and before that I won Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., however, he fears that he will be remembered only for victories over the aged stars of the past.

“I’ll probably quit boxing with all these guys at some point, so we just look at what makes the most sense at the moment and move from fight to fight,” Paul said.

One of the most interesting contenders for Paul is the 36-year-old. Jorge Masvidal, one of the most famous UFC fighters. At one time, Paul and Masvidal were pals, but the fight with Woodley upset their friendship, as Masvidal openly supported his longtime friend Woodley before the fight. But the biggest hurdle is Masvidal’s current contract with the UFC.

“If his father [президент UFC] Dana [Уайт] release him from the contract, then it would be probably the biggest fight we are talking about, – said Paul. “I couldn’t have asked for more. This is a real test of my abilities, isn’t it? He is a born street fighter with fists. I would love to fight this fight. “

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