Psychologist explained why people buy the latest iPhone models

This week Apple presented new items, the main one of which is the long-awaited iPhone 13. The traditional September presentations of the Cupertino-based company are eagerly awaited by fans of “apple” technology, many of whom want to be among the first to buy a new gadget. Psychologist Lilia Gabdullina told why people hunt for the latest iPhone models and are even ready to take loans for them.

According to the specialist, with such purchases, people fill the inner void.

“When a person has no inner filling, he begins to fill it with the outer. He has a huge number of admiring glances from his beloved women, work colleagues, and competitors. It is very important for him to grasp this state when he is admired, ”LIFE quotes Gabdullina.

However, this is not the only point. In the case of Apple, competent marketing works, experts say. Advertising campaigns are built in such a way that the novelty is presented as a very significant product, so people, even without having a real opportunity to buy it now and realizing that with the release of an even newer model, it will depreciate, they still make such a purchase. Moreover, this strategy is followed not only by gadget manufacturers, but also, for example, by automobile corporations.

Earlier, a psychiatrist named three main symptoms by which one can recognize that a person is addicted to gadgets.

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