RFU President Dyukov commented on Putin’s words about the abolition of the limit

President of the Russian Football Union (RFU) Alexander Dyukov commented on the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who opposed the abolition of the limit on legionnaires.

The President said that it is necessary to regulate this issue, this area, which is associated with the use of foreign players. We did not offer to abandon regulation, our proposal is a new approach to regulating the use of foreign players in Russia. We did not set ourselves the task of creating conditions most favorable for foreign athletes, infringing on the rights of our players. The task and purpose is different.

Our approach is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of our clubs, reducing their costs, increasing the competitiveness of our players while maintaining their motivation for development, which is important for the national team. In the process of discussing this proposal in the information field, everything boiled down to discussing a simplified version – that the proposal implies the abolition of the limit. This is not true. If you look at the offer RFU and what we discussed with the clubs is the minimum guaranteed number of homebrew players – eight, but there could be more. These are quality requirements for legionnaires.

This is the introduction of a floating salary cap. This incentive for Russian clubs to use Russian young players is a financial incentive, it works more efficiently than inflated salaries and bonuses for Russian passports. This approach seems to be more correct, it will have a positive effect on competitiveness.

This is a set of measures, including measures aimed at stimulating academies and tightening requirements for working with their academies. But at the same time, the tightening and requirements for the academies of clubs on our part assumed, including additional incentives and funding for those academies that would follow our requirements. This is a set of interrelated measures that should help solve the problem of improving the competitiveness of clubs and players.

We are interested in Russian players playing in our clubs. You yourself know very well that the main suppliers of players to the national team are Russian teams. We need the players to play, but the important point is that they must be motivated players. And the clubs that trained young footballers were rewarded for this.

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