Russia – Poland: prediction and bet on the European Championship match on September 14, 2021, where to watch Euro 2021 volleyball, when it starts – September 13, 2021

The hottest quarterfinals of the European Volleyball Championship will take place on September 14. The Russian national team will share the site with the hosts of the championship and the main contenders for gold medals. We make predictions, study bookmaker quotes, and also tell where you can watch the broadcast of the match.

When the match Russia – Poland starts, where to watch it

The quarterfinal match of the European Championship Russia – Poland will take place in Gdansk and will start at 21:30 Moscow time. The live broadcast will be available on the Match! Country”.

Odds of the bookmakers for the match Russia – Poland

BETCITY analysts give preference to the hosts of Euro 2021. Poland’s success is measured by the coefficient 1.25… It is proposed to bet on the victory of Russia for 4.00… You can make a prediction for the match Russia – Poland for free. BETCITY gives up to three free bets of 500 rubles for registration in the mobile application.

Pre-game layouts

The most powerful quarterfinals of Euro 2021 Poland – Russia. The match of these rivals could well be presented in the final of the Olympic Games. But in the end, the French beat both the Poles and the Russians. Poland in the quarterfinals, Russia in the gold medal match. And there and there in the tie-break. The Poles are now wildly charged, they want to take at least some title in order to rehabilitate themselves for the Olympics. The composition is a cannon. But in Russia he is no less militant, except that Max Mikhailov is missing, but Yegor Klyuka replaces him in a cool position in a non-native position.

What can we expect from the battle of the titans? The Poles are huge favorites for such a pair. In my opinion, 1.25 is too much for a match of almost equal opponents. And if the Russians played a little more stable in this tournament, then one would even think about a clean victory for the guys of Sammelvuo. But the fatigue of the Russian guys and the problems with motivation are also felt. True, this match can change everything. Before that, our top rivals did not meet, therefore there was no full-fledged motivation. I don’t really believe that the Poles will come out and remove Russia in three parties. Responsibility presses on them – at home everyone is waiting only for victory.

Forecast for the match Russia – Poland

The best bet on this game is over 177.5 points total. We also advise you to take a closer look at Bartosz Kurek’s total points over 16.5. The Polish diagonal played in Russia, played for Dynamo Moscow. But there he did not show even 50% of what he demonstrates in the national team. He always tunes in to Russia, and it will be so now. Kurek has a wagon strength, he almost did not play in the last three meetings. I was resting, getting ready. At the same time, everything is in order with the form. With Serbia he shot 22 points, with Portugal – 18. He has not forgotten how to score. And considering that our bloc will not be able to give all the attention only to Kurek, because there is such a superstar as Leon, Bartosz will surely pick up his own.

Our predictions for the European Championship Russia – Poland match: total points over 177.5 for 1.90 and Bartosz Kurek’s individual total points over 16.5 for 1.85.

You can make a prediction for the Russia – Poland match with a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rubles.

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