Scientists have discovered the secret of the composition of volcanic lava

Scientists from the University of Queensland have collected and studied samples of volcanic lava and came to an unexpected conclusion. For decades, it was believed that the cooled lava is “untouched” magma from the melting mantle, located tens of kilometers below the Earth’s surface. But a new study has shown that this is not at all the case.

Thanks to the complex plumbing system of the volcano, many minerals in the magma crystallize and change their chemical composition so that they look like completely different substances at the exit.

Scientists note that these data change the well-established ideas about the composition of the earth’s mantle, and now experts face a new mystery that has yet to be solved.

However, new research is helping to better understand how volcanoes work. The authors of the work note that with careful monitoring, you can find out when magma reaches the base of the earth’s crust, where filtration processes reach a critical point, after which an eruption occurs.

This information can improve the prediction of eruptions in the early stages to avoid catastrophic consequences for people, infrastructure and agriculture, writes

Ekaterina Gura

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