“Senna and Prost hated each other and were ready to play dirty – I don’t see that at Hamilton and Verstappen,” says Jacques Villeneuve – Auto

1997 Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve agreed that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen would not back down and “take their feet off the pedal,” thereby showing weakness.

And that the last crash at the Italian Grand Prix will not stop both riders from further attempts to fight the rival to the end.

“Partially it is. But even more importantly, they are fighting for the championship title and none of them wants to be behind the opponent. And Verstappen has an advantage – he does not make serious mistakes. He always attacks.

Lewis can show weakness. The same goes for Mercedes versus Red Bull. After Rosberg left, Lewis had a too simple life. And maybe he dozed off a little. But this year he was awakened. And he remains a phenomenal racer.

Should Hamilton and Verstappen calm down? In no case. This is a battle, they are gladiators. At the same time, I would not say that they are acting too aggressively. They just want to defeat each other. And they are not going to retreat. At the same time, we have not yet seen anything bad that happened in the past. In the confrontation between Senna and Prost, everything went much further – they hated each other and were ready to play dirty. I don’t see this in the rivalry between Lewis and Max, no. I just hope that we will still see their battles on the track, which will not end in the wall, ”said Villeneuve.

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