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Apple has released a security update that removes the possibility of jailbreaking iPhone via iMessage. Reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The vulnerabilities that existed in the software of Apple smartphones are mentioned under the identifiers CVE-2021-30860 and CVE-2021-30858. Both vulnerabilities allowed malware to execute commands when opened on certain devices. In particular, the described gaps in the system made it possible for the well-known Pegasus program to function, which is used to spy on activists and journalists.

“Apple is aware that this problem could be actively exploited,” – said the journalists, citing a report from researchers at Citizen Lab. Representatives of the American company confirmed that this error no longer threatens the safety of iPhone users. Thus, Apple engineers made it more difficult to penetrate and hack technology.

According to experts, the described vulnerabilities allowed hackers to create malicious web pages that execute commands when they visit them on iPhone and macOS. In particular, the bug was used to bypass the iOS BlastDoor security feature and was used to deploy Pegasus software.

The use of Pegasus software to spy on activists, journalists and leaders of some countries became known in the middle of summer. The program was developed by the Israeli software manufacturer NSO Group. After the media scandal, the Israeli authorities created a special commission to check reports of misuse of spyware.


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