Sony PS5 M.2 SSD Update Coming September 15 – Wylsacom

Sony will begin sending out a major update for the PlayStation 5 starting September 15th. This is reported on the official PlayStation website.

One of the most important features being introduced is the ability to use M.2 SSDs. Previously, third-party drives, even installed in the console, did not work with it. The built-in storage of 825 GB is, of course, good, but this is very little for the entire list of nextgen games (the “sarcasm” sign goes up).

Before buying an SSD, I recommend that you read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the parameters of the disk.

In addition, the company is adding a surround sound feature that will come from your TV speakers. It can be configured using the microphone installed in the DualSense.

Also, with the update, the console will receive expanded functions in the mobile networks of the PS Remote Play application. Now, in these conditions, it will be possible to remotely launch the stream from the PlayStation 4 and 5. The launch is on September 23rd.

Sony does not have its own smartphones, but it has a slightly flattened iPhone. Source: Sony

The new update will bring an improvement to the PlayStation 5 interface. For example, there will be separate icons for launching games written for the “curling iron” of the previous generation, and separately – for the brand new PS5. Users can also customize the Control Center by swapping its elements.

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