Stanislav Cherchesov: nothing has been lost for Spartak

Stanislav Cherchesov: nothing has been lost for Spartak

Andrey Pankov

Former head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov reacted to the defeat of “Spartak” in the match of the 1st round of the Europa League. Spartak lost 0: 1 to Legia at home. Muscovites missed already in stoppage time.

“Yesterday I had a warm meeting with the owner of the Polish Legia Dariusz Mioduski and the head coach Czeslaw Mikhnevich. We talked about many topics, but did not touch on the upcoming game. I thank my colleagues for their attention and for the personal club T-shirt presented to me.

Today I watched with interest the match between Spartak and Legia at the stadium in Tushino. The game turned out to be tense, which is not surprising – it was very important for both teams to start the European tournament with a victory. It seemed to me that in the second half the Spartak team looked preferable to the opponent, but they could not realize their chances. And that was a key factor in a match of this level. As a result, at the end of the meeting, one of Legia’s counterattacks, which was playing number two, led to a goal scored. Congratulations to the Polish team on an important victory. As for Spartak, nothing has been lost yet. It is clear that there are five matches ahead with difficult opponents, but at this distance it is quite possible to correct the situation. And if there are more fans at the stadium in the next two home matches, the chances for a positive result will increase, “Cherchesov said in an interview with the Championship’s correspondent Andrei Pankov.

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