Star-Lord danced to Guardians of the Galaxy developers – game is ready for release

Lately, many different games have been postponed, but who is definitely not in danger of transferring, duck is “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Action Adventure Today Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy officially moved to the very last stage of production – disc printing… Along with the news about the awarding of the game “gold” status, Square Enix published a GIF in which the Soviet telepathic dog Cosmo and Star-Lord performed a dance in honor of the completion of development.

In the meantime, there is still almost a month and a half before the release, so now the authors are probably working on the patch of the first day, which will remove all the remaining roughness and bugs.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was developed by the studio Eidos montrealresponsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Shadow of the tomb raider… Unlike Square Enix’s other superhero action game, Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians is a purebred singleplayer project with no co-op or multiplayer.

Game sales start October 26 on all current platforms, including Switch… On the Nintendo hybrid console, it will be launched via the “cloud”.

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