The director of the “Heavenly Team” to Tkachenko’s father: “Why did we have to send the script to someone? Nobody promised that “- Hockey

Vladimir Alenikov, the director of the film “Heavenly Team”, which is dedicated to the tragedy of “Locomotive”, responded to criticism of the film.

– I got the impression that the authors of the film have not decided who they are shooting the film about – about the team or about the fans.

– You, apparently, do not understand what the picture is about. We knew from the very beginning what it would be about. The film is dedicated to the team, but we tell about it through the prism of love of fans and people close to it. In short, this is a film about the fans’ love for the team. This is a film about ordinary people, we show why they love this team so much.

Like all my films, books and plays, this is a picture about love – about the love of ordinary people for this wonderful team, about the love of young people who were forever separated by this tragedy. If you know my filmography or have read my books, then you should know that all my life I have been telling unusual love stories in its various forms. Love in the film is shown in different forms: whether it is a bride, whether it is the fans, whether it is a laundress. If you didn’t understand this, then I’m sorry.

– Comment on the words of father Ivan Tkachenko, who said that he was never sent the script.

– What do you mean “did not send the script”? Why did we have to send the script to someone? Where does it even say that we had to do this?

All relatives were sent synopsis, that is, a summary of the future scenario. This was more than enough.

– Let me explain. He said that the representatives of the film crew asked him to sign some documents and promised to send the film script the next day.

“I don’t know what this is about. I never spoke to him. Nobody promised any scenarios to anyone.

Ivan Tkachenko is a great athlete and an amazing person. In the film, he is given enough space, – said Alenikov.

A film about the lost Lokomotiv = TV series on Russia-1. It’s a shame to release this on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy

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