the expert told when to change the smartphone

In an interview with radio Sputnik IT expert Lyudmila Murzina told in what cases it is worth thinking about changing your smartphone.

Photo: “BUSINESS Online”

There are at least two important reasons for purchasing a new smartphone, she said. The first is wear and tear on the old device.

“There is material obsolescence. He has two main characteristics. The first of these is the rapid discharge of the smartphone due to the fact that the battery has worked out its cycle. Nowadays, the batteries are not removable, so sometimes it is easier to change the apparatus than the battery. The second sign is when the phone starts to slow down, and neither restarting nor uninstalling applications helps it. This means that the phone is old, it has little RAM and a weak processor, ”the expert explained.

The second reason is the rapid improvement of smartphones and the obvious superiority of new models. If your phone does not correspond to the modern level of technology, then it is worth buying another gadget, says Murzina.

“Next comes the subjective reason – the rapid improvement of smartphones. Take a look at the photos and videos you took with your previous smartphone and the ones you are currently filming. You will see how big the difference is. If the camera of your smartphone is not up to the modern level of photography, then it makes sense to think about changing the device, ”the expert is sure.

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