Zenit head coach Sergei Semak on the defeat: “We understand the difference in the class, but the guys tried hard”

Zenit head coach Sergei Semak summed up the match against Chelsea in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge.

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– Scheme of three central defenders – a one-time action for an opponent?

Russian championship

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– We must proceed from our capabilities, from the strong qualities of our opponents. We will analyze and solve immediately before each match. So far, it has not been considered the main one, this is an emergency option due to certain changes in the composition.

– Can we say that the decision to make Barrios, as they would have said before, the front center-back helped Chistyakov to play the match of life?

– Of course it helped. We miss a lot in RPL. In such a match, especially the debut for Dima in the Champions League, of course, this is a memorable event. I am sincerely happy for everyone who debuted today.

– The participation of Barrios in the match became known only today. If he couldn’t play, how would Zenit come out? It seems that there was simply no other option for the center of defense.

– There was another option. Naturally, we could not imagine whether Barrios would appear or not, he arrived after lunch. If he showed up, Barrios played. If he hadn’t appeared, another player would have been playing in this position.

– Zenit played the set very unsuccessfully several times. Most memorable was the transfer of Douglas at the first corner and the fact that Circular, Mostovoy and Barrios could not hang at the last free kick. What is the reason for this?

– With a corner – a technical defect, the transfer went in the wrong place. With a free kick – of course, it was necessary to serve earlier, or at least not to be mistaken for Barrios. This is a technical error. Affected by fatigue, hence the wrong decision-making, especially after the flight, it was very difficult for Barrios to endure the whole game.

– In Russia, such defeats are considered worthy. How appropriate is this wording?

– Defeat – defeat in any case. As for the game itself, the chance that we could take away the points is good. We understand perfectly the level of Chelsea, the difference in the class of the teams, but the guys tried hard today. We could have played better, but many thanks for the game, for the dedication, for the desire. They did what they can at the moment, – said Semak according to sports.ru.
  • Zenit lost 0-1 to Chelsea.
  • Sergei Semak has been heading Zenit since 2018.
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