Exclusive NFT Tokens: KHL.cards Project Launches on Binance Marketplace: News: Continental Hockey League (KHL)


The KHL.cards project will be the world’s first large-scale collaboration between the hockey league and representatives of the cryptocurrency industry. Digital asset holders and sports fans will be able to purchase exclusive NFT cards, earn internal tokens through staking *, and become players in the first GameFi sports system.

Continental hockey league launches the NFT project KHL.cards on the marketplace of the leading international blockchain ecosystem Binance NFT, within which it is planned to issue exclusive NFT hockey cards. The technical provider of the KHL for the KHL.cards project is the Block-chain.com holding.

Users of the Binance NFT marketplace will be able to purchase the first NFT cards by purchasing the Mystery Box **. The Mystery Box is scheduled to launch on September 27, 2021. At the first stage, 20 unique NFT cards with different levels of exclusivity, 20 thousand Mystery Boxes at a fixed price of 20BUSD will be presented.

It is planned to launch several types of cards: they will reflect vivid fragments of game episodes in a classic or animated format, footage from the KHL All-Star Games, detailed images of sports awards or the champions themselves. NFTs are developed on the basis of photo and video materials of all KHL teams. For example, the cards will include images of such famous athletes as Marko Anttila, Konstantin Okulov, Vadim Shipachev, Sergey Shirokov, and many others. Each type of card will have its own category: bronze, silver, gold and platinum – they indicate how valuable the card is: from standard to the rarest. Accordingly, the higher the rarity level, the fewer such cards will be issued, and the more expensive they will cost.

All Binance.com users will be able to participate in the purchase of the Mystery Box. Binance’s NFT marketplace uses the same account system as Binance.com. New marketplace users will need to register with Binance.com.

“KHL.Cards is a fundamentally new digital project of KHL and our partners holding Block-chain.com and Binance NFT. KHL digital assets are not just individual cards with valuable hockey episodes that can be purchased on the marketplace, but also a whole system in which you can collect, sell and play. We started working on this back in the spring, and the main condition was the long-term development of the direction, and not just the sale of individual NFT cards. Now it is a full-fledged product, at one of the upcoming stages of which game mechanics will be launched; I hope it will be appreciated by both fans and the digital community. I would like to thank the clubs. They supported the project. We will launch in stages: first, the first NFT cards will go on sale on one of the largest marketplaces in the world, Binance NFT, then on the basis of our own resource KHL.cards, owners will be able to earn tokens and receive valuable prizes. And next year we will launch GameFi. It is always very interesting to discover something new, especially since we are at the forefront of digital technologies, and together with our partners we are ready for this ”, – noted the vice-president of the KHL Sergey Dobrokhvalov

“We are delighted to welcome the first large scale hockey NFT project to the Binance NFT marketplace. Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, with an army of fans numbering in the millions, – said the head of Binance NFT Helen High… – We are witnessing groundbreaking innovations emerging from the collaboration of the sports industry and the NFT marketplace with the fastest and most affordable solutions powered by Binance’s blockchain infrastructure and community. ”

In addition, in the future, it is planned to launch a marketplace for additional sales and raffles of NFT cards, as well as organizing a secondary market. On the marketplace, KHL NFT card holders will be able to earn internal platform tokens through staking. Users will be able to spend the received tokens on access to broadcasts, the best spectator seats at matches, and will also receive unique opportunities that are not available to ordinary fans.

“Hockey fans and crypto communities are very similar – they are communities with a keen interest in dynamic processes and impressive victories. We decided to unite these people in a fundamentally new ecosystem, to acquaint them with the opportunities that NFT provides. The very idea of ​​owning a unique and inimitable digital product with the right to use it in various mechanics is now more relevant than ever, it is an exclusive among the mass market, so it is natural that people around the world are beginning to learn more about it. Thanks to our platform, fans will be able to watch the game from the position of a commentator, “hit five” hockey players when they enter the match, and much more “ – comments Alina Krot, CEO of KHL.cards.


In addition to the marketplace, the campaign announced the launch of a full-fledged game project – GameFi, which will expand the capabilities of holders of unique NFT cards. They will be able not only to collect NFT-objects, but also to use them for various game mechanics – participation in them also gives the opportunity to receive exclusive prizes. Thus, the revolutionary Play-to-earn approach will be implemented, which has already changed the gaming industry around the world.

* Staking – passive earnings, in which the user invests his assets, in return for receiving a reward.
** Mystery box – a sealed box containing an NFT token with a value different from the purchased box.


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