Vitor instead of Victor. 10 facts about the new leader of Russian judges


Hungarian Viktor Kashshai as head of the RFU refereeing department is replaced by 64-year-old Portuguese Vitor Pereira.

1. The third will be

Vitor Pereira is the third foreign expert to head the Russian judiciary.

The pioneer was the Italian Roberto Rosetti, who held this post in the RFU from June 2011 to December 2013. Kashshai was responsible for arbitration on domestic football fields from January 2020 to this September.

As you can see, the legionnaire specialists do not stay in this position for a long time in Russia. The first lasted two and a half years, the second one and a half. I wonder if the Portuguese will stay with us for a long time?

By the way, according to our information, Pereira will come to Moscow with one or two compatriot assistants from among the former football referees. So to speak, to strengthen the team.

2. Worked abroad for five and a half years

Pereira is a fairly experienced football manager. He chaired judges in his native Portugal from 2011 to 2015, after which he made a good career abroad. He worked in Brazil (2016), Greece (2017-2020) and the Czech Republic (2021).

In Greece, the Portuguese was engaged in the appointment of referees for matches and introduced a fashion for foreign referees, in particular, he invited the Spaniard David Borbalan to serve the country’s Cup final in 2018. Before that, this had not happened for over 40 years.

In the Czech Republic, Vitor did not live at his place of work permanently, but visited it on short visits, motivating his absence with antique-like restrictions. As a result, his mission lasted a little over six months.

Easy to communicate. In addition to his native Portuguese, he is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

3. Received the FIFA award for exemplary behavior

Pereira was born on April 21, 1957 in Lisbon, in the historic district of Alfama. I learned the basics of football at the Sporting academy. Played as a central midfielder and right back.

I came to the refereeing on the announcement. He took up it professionally at 22, first in futsal. In big football, he has 23 seasons, including 11 internationally. He worked at the 1998 and 2002 World Championships, as well as at Euro 2000. In addition, the Portuguese has served in the 2001/02 UEFA Cup final, the 2001 UEFA Super Cup and the 1999 Intertoto Cup final.

He played 104 international games in total, including 24 in the Champions League.

In 2008, FIFA awarded Vitor a special distinction for serving 25 national team matches and for exemplary behavior in them.

4. He was fond of theater and even went on stage

In his youth, Vitor, in addition to football, adored theatrical performances. Moreover, he took part in productions as an amateur actor. This was in the mid-70s, shortly after the Red Carnation Revolution. He collaborated with famous Portuguese directors and theater artists and still recalls those times with nostalgia.

By the way, he admits that someday he will return to work on stage.

– Everything is possible. I feel like a completely free person, says Pereira.

5. Reached financial well-being by the age of 35

Vitor won his first 11 vs 11 football matches in 1980. It was the Portuguese third league. The novice referee got great pleasure from the new occupation, but at first he worked only one game a week, and there was not enough money to support his family. I had to earn extra money – several times a week Pereira went to work for the energy company EDP.

The good money came in the late 80s, when he began to serve the matches of the first league. According to him, he was making about 4,500 escudos per game (about $ 30 – Approx.

The Portuguese achieved financial well-being in 1992, when he regularly began to referee international matches.

6. Judged the final that will not be forgotten

One of the most memorable matches of Pereira’s career was the 1996 Portuguese Cup final, in which Benfica beat Sporting 3-1, and the refereeing team worked flawlessly.

Unfortunately, the game was overshadowed by the sudden death of one of the fans, who died in the stands before the break. Pereira, after consulting with his assistants, decided to continue the meeting in order to avoid possible disturbances.

This was the only final on Vitor’s life, when the winners were not awarded a cup, and the judges were not awarded commemorative medals or souvenirs. The setting was clearly not in favor of the festivities.

7. Fought off the attacks of a former colleague

In October 2015, a scandal erupted around Pereira, then head of the Portuguese judiciary. Former referee Marco Ferreira accused him of putting pressure on his colleagues to ensure a “favorable” environment for Benfica.

“Pereira called me before the game and asked me to treat it with the utmost care so that unnecessary excesses did not happen,” Ferreira testified. – He never did anything like that, only before Benfica’s matches.

The case never came to court, because Pereira’s opponent did not prove anything concrete. True, Vitor himself, after the expiration of his contract with the Portuguese Football Federation, chose not to renew it and went abroad – to Brazil.

8. Judges are calm about gifts

In Europe, including in Portugal (and in the games of European cups too), there is still a tradition to present the referees with memorable gifts before matches – souvenirs with club symbols and the like. In most cases, their cost is set by the regulations and, as a rule, does not exceed 100 euros.

Perreira is loyal to such offerings:

“The desire of the clubs is understandable, it is natural and comes from the rules of hospitality,” he notes. – And this applies not only to the referees, but also to other officials of the match, for example, to the delegates of the federation or UEFA. Another thing is that such procedures should be absolutely transparent. In any case, gifts should be presented after the game, and not before it starts, as is sometimes the case in Portugal and abroad.

9. Raised his son correctly

Vitor and his wife Fernanda have a son, Diogo, who is already an adult. He received an academic sports education as a physical education teacher. If his father’s football sympathies have long been given to Sporting since childhood, the son worries about Benfica.

By the way, Diogo is also involved in refereeing. But at home, father and son try not to talk about the twists and turns of arbitration. But they go to the stadium regularly.

10. Brought good luck to Spartak

The Portuguese referee three times in matches with the participation of Russian clubs in European competitions. In 1998 he played in the semi-final game of the Cup Winners’ Cup Stuttgart – Lokomotiv (2: 1) and the quarter-final of the UEFA Cup Spartak – Ajax (1: 0). And in 2001, he judged the famous replay of the match of the third qualifying round of the Champions League Tyrol – Lokomotiv (1: 0).

Well, now he will have a great opportunity to get to know our football better. Moreover – to get into the thick of things. Moreover, Pereira has long liked to appoint referees for matches.


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