Ice Age: new season – when, Ice Age scandals, show – Basharov beat his wife, Tarasov, Buzov, Navka, Zagitova – September 27, 2021


Last year’s return of “Ice Age” to the screens brought great ratings to Channel One, which the producers simply could not help but pay attention to. Even during the 7th season, there was talk of a continuation, and the other day the creator of the project Ilya Averbukh confirmed: the 8th season – to be. The premiere is expected in October 2021 – filming should begin shortly.

There will be a continuation of the battles. The project will be, I am practically announcing, we have reached the final stage.

Ilya Averbukh

It so happened that the “Ice Age” is remembered by the audience not only thanks to the beautiful numbers and star participants, but also to the scandals.

Actions of Marat Basharov

The very first LP was released in 2007 and became a turning point in family life. Tatiana Navka and Alexandra Zhulina… Even on the set of Stars on Ice (a show that came out a year before the launch of Ice Age), Tatyana began to communicate warmly with Marat Basharov, with whom she paired. Soon they began to meet – despite the fact that both Navka and Basharov at that moment were in a legal relationship.

“I fell in love with Tatiana Navka, my heart was breaking because I didn’t want to hurt my wife Liza. But still he left the family, and she also left her husband. Tanya and I then lived together for two years. But it turned out that we were kept together by a common work, and when the tour ended, we realized that we had better leave. “– recalled Basharov.

In the third season, Navka and Basharov again paired, they were considered the main favorites of the project. During the season, Basharov was injured, for some time he played instead Egor Beroev… In the final, Marat was already expected, but the actor did not show up for the shooting. At first, Marat referred to an old injury, but then the real reason for his absence became clear.

“My friend had a birthday in St. Petersburg, we met to congratulate him. The next day I flew to Moscow at 6 am, but I really didn’t get to the shooting of the show. I was on the set of the movie “Hindu”– explained Basharov. But the director of “The Hindu” Larisa Chaikovskaya soon announced that they had not filmed that day with Basharov.

In the fifth season, Basharov did not appear in any way, but before the final he, Navka, Averbukh, Zhulin, Tatiana Tarasova and Irina Slutskaya received an invitation to participate in the program Andrey Malakhov “Tonight”, the theme of which was to be “Ice Age”. The filming of the program took place in December, and a month before that, Basharov’s wife Ekaterina Arkharova told on the air “Let them talk” that Marat had beaten her.

On the shooting of the December program, Basharov brought into the studio a trophy won 8 years ago with Navka, trying to somehow joke. But when Marat finished his speech, Tatyana Anatolyevna took the floor.

– You, Marat, now nobody gave a word. Or you will now apologize to the whole country and do it tactfully in relation to a woman – to anyone who can be beaten up by a drunken man in the presence of his daughter. Or I’m leaving! You should not sit at tables and show cups, but in a completely different place.

The shocked Basharov first tried to justify himself, but then he apologized. And six months later, Arkharova and Basharov divorced.

Anastasia Volochkova vs Tatiana Tarasova

One of the most famous Russian ballerinas participated in two seasons of the “Ice Age”, performed in pairs with Olympic champions Anton Sikharulidze and Maxim Marinin… It was not possible to get on the podium, but Anastasia was remembered not for bright numbers, but for periodic skirmishes with the chairman of the jury Tatiana Tarasova (watch from 01:29).

Tarasova wanted to leave the project

In one of the autumn issues of LP-3, evaluating the performance of the Babenko / Tikhonov pair, the invited judge Yuri Nikolaev the only one of all put 5.9, while the rest of the referees set 6.0. The disgruntled audience chanted “Judge for soap”, and Tarasova decided to leave the hall altogether: “It really was the best dramatic number on the program. God is your judge. This is terribly unfair. I cannot influence your grades. I’d better leave the project, and let such people judge “

Tatyana Anatolyevna really went to the exit, but she was still persuaded to stay.

Evgeny Semenov, Sport24

Tears of Buzova

In general, the topic of refereeing in “LP” is raised quite regularly. A year ago, it periodically got Olga Buzovoywho rode together with Dmitry Soloviev… In one of the episodes, Olga and Dmitry skated in the images of the heroes of the disaster movie “The Crew” and received 11.7 points. After that, such a conversation took place between the participants and the judges.

Tatiana Tarasova: “Olya. We can, of course, say whatever we want. But until the feet are extended and the foot does not work, it is very difficult to get more than 5.8 (per technique). Because it’s very rushed, it’s a big difference between the vocals and what I see. Therefore 5.8 ”.

Maxim Trankov: “I have no complaints about Olya at all, I have complaints about Dima: there was not enough speed, it was riding on foot. If you undertake to carry, then take it and carry it, do support at speed, fly, close these shortcomings. You are a master, Olympic champion, you have to do this. Kirkorov’s soulful vocals – and very slowly. Speed ​​can only be set by a professional skater, not by an artist. I hope you will take note of this. “

Buzova (tear-stained): “We will take note, we are working in pairs.”

“Holocaust on ice from the wife of a Putin official”

By the 6th stage of LP-6 Tatiana Navka and Andrey Burkovsky prepared a number to the music for the film “Life is Beautiful”. Tatiana and Andrei went out on the ice in striped robes with a Star of David on their chest: as planned, the inmate parents portrayed a “wonderful life” for their child in order to protect him from the horrors of the concentration camp and not let him realize what a terrible reality they are in. But all around there are gratings, a blinding searchlight, a camp metal mesh, guard sheepdogs are barking, automatic fires are heard. The number ends with the death of the protagonist.

When the program aired, a real scandal broke out on social networks: the world’s media flew around the footage where Tatiana and Andrei “cheerfully” dance in robes with a star, as they smile against the background of ratings. Not everyone wanted to delve into the essence of what was happening, get acquainted with the original source, or at least see the issue to the end. But the headlines of authoritative foreign publications were striking.

The Guardian: “Holocaust on Ice” performed by the wife of Putin’s official is outrageous. “

The New York Times: “Disputes in Russia over the Holocaust Ice Program:

Tatiana Navka, the wife of the press secretary of the Russian President and her partner Andrei Burkovsky appeared in the “Ice Age” dressed in striped robes with yellow stars. “

Daily Mail: “Skating on thin ice. The wife of Vladimir Putin’s press secretary is outraged by the Holocaust-themed program on a Russian dance show. “

Air Force: “The wife of Putin’s press secretary is being scolded for the number about the Holocaust.”

The dance director Averbukh, commenting on the work of the world media, was categorical: “It’s wild that this can be discussed at all. Wildness in everything – in presentation, in hysteria, in unprofessionalism, which can be traced in the articles of foreign media “

A Dmitry Peskov declared that he was proud of his wife.

RIA News

Alina Zagitova as the host

Last season co-host Alexey Yagudin became an Olympic champion Alina Zagitova… The audience was outraged even before the start of filming – Zagitova was supposed to take part in the test skates of the national team, but in a few days the following quote from Alina appeared on the FFKKR website.

– I decided not to participate in the test skates on September 12-13, because at the moment it is very interesting for me to try myself in a new role as the host of the Ice Age. I ask you to treat my request with understanding and agree on this decision.

In the course of filming, the audience now and then paid attention to Alina’s diction – in fairness, Zagitova worked with a speech repeater and felt more and more confident with each program. But when Alina was recognized as the best TV presenter of the year, neutral fans were outraged.

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