New tablet model Huawei MatePad 11 breaks records


Today, more and more users are using tablets as a personal work tool. They are loved for their portability and functionality – on such a device you can perform various tasks, from browsing the web to editing and designing any content. If desired, the tablet can be turned into a full-fledged laptop or personal computer.

The MatePad 11 supports keyboard and mouse and has ample storage space for various files.

The device allows you to work in several programs and windows at the same time and at the same time make video calls, participate in online conferences. It’s easy to connect your smartphone to it for transferring files or recharging.

As UX researcher Daria Kosheleva notes, Huawei’s new HarmonyOS provides better connectivity to all Huawei products. For example, the MatePad 11 connects to a Huawei smartphone with a couple of taps on the screen. After that, the projection of the phone screen is displayed on the desktop of the tablet, allowing you to easily drag and drop files or access applications on the phone without taking your hands off the tablet, the expert notes.

A device you can use all day

The MatePad 11 is the brand’s first tablet to boast a screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz. This not only provides smoother playback of action scenes in videos and games, but also makes browsing the web and using the stylus more comfortable. The frequency is automatically adapted by the screen to the content being played, thereby reducing power consumption and increasing battery life. So, in video playback mode, the tablet can work up to 12 hours without recharging.

Moving away from video will be tricky, as the tablet’s DCI-P3 IPS screen, typical of digital cinemas, is able to cover most of the natural spectrum. The sound, in turn, is represented by a stereo system with four high-amplitude speakers, which guarantee good audibility.

You can talk via video communication from any noisy place, a crowded room and in windy weather: the user’s voice will stand out for interlocutors against the background of noise.

To minimize harm to health during prolonged use, the device is equipped with an eye protection mode – Low Blue Light and Flicker Free certifications from TÜV Rheinland confirm low blue radiation and no screen flicker. Therefore, you can use the tablet for a very long time without fear of unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Multitasking is easy

The updated multi-window mode on the MatePad 11 allows you to place four applications on the tablet screen at once in a few clicks. This is convenient when you need to compare something, copy, paste, work with several documents.

You can also place multiple applications on top of others at once. So, negotiations with colleagues or clients in messengers or via video communication will be much more convenient, immediately marking important points in the “Notepad” and making calculations on the “Calculator”.

“The biggest visual change is that the home screen now supports a free grid with widgets of different sizes. This made the MatePad 11 a truly productive device with an excellent UX (interface), since the user can pin a calendar or calculator on the main screen, and he does not have to search and download applications as before, ”says Daria Kosheleva. – At the same time, she notes that Samsung tablets do not have such a function, and it will appear on the iPad only later, when iPadOS 15 will be available to the general public.

For greater productivity and convenience in organizing your workspace, there is a panel of frequently used or recently opened applications at the bottom of the desktop. There you can see the services “E-mail”, “Notepad” and so on – so it is easier for the user to go to a draft letter or an unfinished note. In this case, the widgets of some applications are configured so that they immediately show the necessary information, without the need to launch the services themselves. For example, a Calendar widget can contain a notification of an upcoming meeting.

Like a laptop, only better

The MatePad 11 is capable of not only replacing a laptop, but also surpassing its functionality. It has a touchscreen and a keyboard can only be connected when needed. Take notes, draw, edit photos and more with the M-Pencil.
Among other things, the tablet is lighter and more compact than a laptop, and it is easier to carry it with you at all times.

The new MatePad 11 went on sale in July this year, and almost immediately became a hit: its sales were already 10 times higher than last year’s model. Russia entered the top three overseas markets in terms of demand for Huawei MatePad 11 (compared to other overseas Huawei markets in August 2021).

Together with a huge number of advantages, the MatePad 11 is considered a democratic model. The device can be purchased both in the Huawei branded online store and in partner retail stores at a price of 32,990 rubles, complete with a case and a stylus.


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