Ryan Reynolds reveals how he plans to play Hugh Jackman


Ryan Reynolds appeared on the air of SiriusXM radio station as part of the promotional campaign for the film “The protagonist”, in which he played the main role. In an interview, host Jess Kagle asked if Reynolds plans to play his nemesis Hugh Jackman again this year on his birthday. Kagle included a recording of Jackman’s interview from a year ago, in which the actor was asked how he would play a trick on Ryan Reynolds.

Then the performer of the role of Wolverine admitted that the only option that comes to his mind is the children’s game “Call and Run”:

“It’s when someone rings the doorbell and runs away, leaving a burning packet of dog excrement on the doorstep. Something like that.”

Ryan Reynolds was outraged that his friend and colleague called dog shit excrement. And then he issued a plan for his revenge. As the actor explained, he planned to send Hugh Jackman a beautiful sushi tray made from used plasters. Reynolds was not shocked by his revelation, on the contrary, Jess Kagle suggested cutting this moment from the interview, so as not to reveal the secret to the public. But the performer of the role of Deadpool refused, explaining that he had a stock of thoughtful jokes for the future.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman were born in October: Jackman on the 12th and Reynolds on the 23rd. For several years, they often play each other in public, but they consider the joke on their birthday to be special.


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