CineEurope 2021: Paramount Presentation


Paramount Pictures remains true to itself: its presentations at CineEurope are spectacular and creative every time. The studio is not limited to just showing content – it makes a show out of it. So, three years ago, the president of the studio’s international rental, Mark Vian, came down to the stage from the ceiling, parodying the famous scene from the first MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE… This year, they did without extreme on stage, but Tom Cruise himself was brought to Barcelona. His appearance was not announced, and therefore the appearance of the actor caused a flurry of emotions in the hall, turning the presentation into a kind of rock concert: they applauded Cruz standing up, whistled and hooted approvingly, and he seemed to be extremely embarrassed by such a reception.

Tom Cruise and his projects are the most valuable asset of the Paramount cinema slot in 2022 – there and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 and TOP GAN: MAVERIK… Presenting these pictures, Tom Cruise assured that he tried very hard to exceed the expectations of the audience, and therefore did not take care of either the film crews or himself. To prove this, the already famous video was shown about how the actor personally performed the most difficult stunt with a jump into the abyss on a motorcycle from the film MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7. For this trick, the actor was awarded an additional standing ovation from the audience. Cruz’s performance ended with the first 15 minutes of the film TOP GAN: MAVERIK

TOP GANU there was also a joke video that opened the entire Paramount presentation. It was a scene from a film training young pilots, integrating Mark Vian and co-president of the studio’s worldwide marketing and distribution, Mary Daley. There also appeared the hero of Tom Cruise with a huge tolmud entitled “A Textbook on the Basics of International Marketing and Distribution.” At the end of the video, this textbook flew into the trash, and Cruz categorically stated that the usual moves and rules of promotion after the pandemic no longer work. And there really is nothing to argue with.

In addition to Tom Cruise’s projects, the Paramount package for 2022 announced a lot of family content, in particular animation. For example, a cartoon LEAGUE OF MONSTERS, in which all sorts of creatures participate in wrestling competitions. The main character of the picture is one of these monsters, only very clumsy, but this does not bother the young girl who undertakes to train him. An international trailer of the project was shown at the presentation, as well as an exclusive clip containing one of the scenes from the film.

Roughly the same scheme – trailer + excerpt – the project was presented BIG RED DOG CLIFFORD, telling about the friendship of a girl and a giant magic puppy. In addition, an exclusive video of the second part of the film was presented. SONIC IN THE MOVIE, which is now in post-production. The video featured several short episodes from the film, which showed that both the humor and the action in the sequel will be about the same level as in the first part.

In addition to family content, the studio has prepared several potential hits for viewers and cinemas in 2022. We will undoubtedly become such an adventure comedy. THE LOST CITY featuring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe and half-naked Brad Pitt. At the presentation, a video was shown about the filming of the picture in exotic locations, which caused associations with the Disney project JUGLES CRUISE – only without fairy tales and retro entourage, but with jokes on the verge of a foul. This tape will be released in April.

Another film of the studio, where Brad Pitt is engaged, is the director’s new tape. LA LA LANDA Damien Chazelle BABYLON… Unfortunately, nothing was presented on it except the logo. In the same way, they recalled some other Paramount projects in development or at the initial stage of production: superhero action SECRET HQ, cartoon THE TIGER’S APPRENTICE, a new film about Bumblebee… We did not forget to tell you about the revival of the franchise TRANSFORMERS… A new part of the project, called RISE OF THE BEASTS (“The Rise of the Beasts”), currently filming in Peru. It was from there that the producer of the franchise, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, and the director of the new part, Stephen Capel Jr., sent their video postcard. They shared how excited they were about the film, but did not share any scenes from it.

In addition to TRANSFORMERS, the presentation also recalled two other franchises that were popular a few years ago, and are now at least relaunch. This is a hooligan comedy Freaks, on which the already famous trailer was shown, and the fifth part of the comedy slasher Scream… The latter was presented to the guests of CineEurope with the help of an exclusive premiere of an international trailer, in which the heroes of the previous parts (played by Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox) are once again forced to confront a maniac in a ghost mask. In general, nothing new, but for some reason it works great.

06.10.2021 Author: BC


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