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Natalie Portman

In 1947, Miss Dior was born with a pronounced floral scent that surprised and stood out from others. Christian Dior created it to embody the revolutionary silhouette of his New Look and to convey the sensuality of its forms with a scent. In 2017, François Demachy came up with a new version of the perfume, and Natalie Portman became its face, asking the question in the campaign: “What would you do for love?”

The Miss Dior perfume is designed in unison with the Dior silhouette for women who are not afraid of anything. The new invention remained true to its original concept, but acquired new nuances and played with more lively notes. Today, the Dior woman more than ever represents a flexible mind and self-confidence. Natalie Portman spoke about this and many other things to Ekaterina Popova in an exclusive interview for ELLE.UA.

Natalie, I am very glad to interview you for ELLE Ukraine! First of all, tell us about the most memorable moment of working with Dior over the years.

I enjoyed working with Maria Grazia Chiuri. She is an amazing artist, as well as an influential woman whom I admire and from whom she has learned a lot during this time.

Natalie and Dior

What can you say about Maria Grazia Chiuri’s strong feminist message?

Maria Grazia is great, and she was able to highlight some of the famous feminists of our time in all fields – from literature to art. I am in awe of her and how she reimagines a lot in her work and helps us discover new voices and inspiration by bringing art forms together.

Has the work of an actress changed your attitude towards beauty over time?

I think that due to the fact that I always had to paint for filming, this process never seemed to me something special or out of the ordinary – I always treated it just like a job. So in my ordinary life it was not as much fun as it was for my friends, as I see it. Now that I have children, I begin to appreciate it and again feel the excitement of this process.

Natalie Portman

Tell us about the new Miss Dior campaign – what is its main message?

The main message is strong femininity and confidence (feminization). The campaign also talks about freedom, love and unity with nature. Miss Dior appreciates the world and its beauty, she is more conscious and responsive to what really matters. She always acts and wants everyone to do the same.

The campaign obviously brings us closer to nature. Where do you feel the maximum unity with her?

I like walking in the mountains or on the beach. Working in Australia was a blessing because the nature here is incredibly beautiful and diverse.

What was your first memory of fragrances?

I remember from my youth orange flowers.

What role does perfume play in your daily life and do you have a special way of applying the scent?

I love scents and I think they play a key role in our emotions. I love to sprinkle my Miss Dior and step into the cloud of scent, as my mother taught me, and experience the sensual sensations as if it is a light rain with the most beautiful scent. In addition, then it will not be too concentrated and only a slight mist of perfume will fall on the hair, but it will be quite enough for others to hear.

What is included in your beauty routine?

I put on sunscreen every day and also use the usually light concealer (Dior Forever Skin Correct), Rouge Dior mascara and lipstick (nude or 999, depending on my look and how I feel). At the end of the day, I always wash my face and moisturize my face before bed.

Natalie Portman

What’s your motto for life?

“Be good. Have fun. ” (Be good. Have fun)

What inspires you?

Books, music, art, nature and kind people.


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