Amber Heard will bring Disney to Johnny Depp lawsuit


Aquaman star Amber Heard and her three attorneys have asked Disney for footage from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to include in a domestic violence lawsuit against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard will bring Disney to a lawsuit against Johnny Depp.  It never ends

Deadline claims the studio is due to testify and other information on February 18. Hurd wants to get all the information that directly or indirectly relates to the cases of Depp’s use of drugs or alcohol. In fact, Hurd doesn’t just insist on getting information from filming, she even wants takes, internal and external reports, and messages of any nature regarding Depp’s work from January 1, 2018 to the present.

The actress is interested in cases of being late for the set, quarrels or disagreements with colleagues, directors, producers and staff

A Disney spokesman told the publication that the company has not yet received a subpoena.

Divorce and the ensuing scandal

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage lasted only a year. They got married in February 2015. The actor went to court with a million dollar lawsuit against the ex-wife, who on the pages of The Washington Post called herself a victim of domestic violence. Depp called her statement libel. He lost the case.

He failed to bring to justice the British edition of The Sun, which wrote that he beat Amber Heard.

The judge said that he recognizes proven 12 out of 14 cases of physical violence against the actress.

The publicity was huge, and Depp, at the insistence of Warner Bros. was forced to abandon the role of Grindelwald in the new film from the Fantastic Beasts series. The press started talking about the decline of his professional career.

Johnny Depp fans decided to support him with money. The only company that did not terminate the contract with him was the French concern Dior. Fans started buying perfume from this company, and also launched the hashtag #Justiceforjohnnydepp on social networks. The petition demanding not to film Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 was signed by more than one and a half million people.

At the end of December, the actress published a video that summarized the results of her year. The video scored more than 80 thousand dislikes, users refused to consider it a victim.


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