Lily-Rose Depp: “I love both American and European culture equally”


ELLE Chanel has been in your life, probably since birth. How is your relationship with Virginie Viard, creative director of the House?

LILY-ROSE DEPP I met Virginie Viard when I was 16 years old – then I just started working with Chanel, starred in my very first advertising campaign for glasses. I immediately realized that her vision is completely unique, largely because she herself is the embodiment of the very Chanel woman for whom she works. Her contribution to the collection is both elegance, on the one hand, and, how to say, cool! She knows how to make clothes so that you instantly feel yourself in these things, as if they were sewing for you. When there were still real shows, before quarantine, I came to her studio and saw the process of working on collections with my own eyes – a bewitching action, a magical sight! And Virginie herself is a very kind, charming and unusually creative person.

How did you survive the lockdown? Many admit that at this time they were able to rethink their life, to understand something new about themselves and the world around them. Has something similar happened to you?

I spent it with my family in Paris and it was a really valuable time. With those relatives and friends with whom it was so easy and simple to meet before, you had to call up on Facetime and other messengers with video – and at such moments you understand how much you miss them. I think this period taught us all a good lesson – people need each other, so appreciate your loved ones.

And I saw a special beauty in what tricks we all went to get closer to each other.


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