Traffic jams in Moscow amid snowfall reached 10 points – RBK


On a number of road sections in the city, repairs are underway, traffic on them is limited, the Department of Transport also warned. According to the mayor’s office, because of this, kilometer-long traffic jams formed in the following areas:

  • House number 198 on Prospekt Mira (north of Moscow)
  • Outer side of the 90th km of the Moscow Ring Road (north of Moscow)
  • Inner side of the 85th km of the Moscow Ring Road (north of Moscow)
  • Outer side of the Third Transport Ring at the Riga Overpass (north of Moscow)
  • The inner side of the Third Transport Ring at the Luzhnetskaya overpass (center of Moscow)

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Peak traffic congestion will persist until 20:00, the department noted, asking drivers to postpone trips to a later time. According to Deptrans, precipitation in the form of snow and rain is expected in the city by the end of the day, ice has already appeared.

According to the Yandex.Maps service, 10-point traffic jams will last until 20:00, after which the traffic jams will amount to 8 points.

Department of Transport responded to complaints from Muscovites about changes in transport routes

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN

Earlier, the leading specialist of the Phobos center, Yevgeny Tishkovets, previously announced in the Soloviev Live program that the snowfall in the capital will begin after 15:00, and the peak of the snowfall will be at 18:00. The level of precipitation, according to his forecast, will be up to 3 cm. “The earth will be covered with more or less, but with such a visible snow cover,” he estimated. Because of the strong wind, the forecaster warned, “blizzards will swirl” and visibility will deteriorate.

The meteorological center previously reported light and moderate precipitation with ice in places, with gusts of wind reaching 15 m / s on Wednesday 24 November. Forecasters also predicted that on Thursday, November 25, the city will also experience light precipitation, ice will occur, and the wind speed will rise to 12 m / s.

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