10 totally honest facts about the hilarious 1997 comedy “Liar Liar”


In this comedy, Jim Carrey stars as Fletcher Reed, a heartless lawyer who is cursed to keep him from telling lies all day long, which, of course, leads to countless hilarious situations. Below are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the movie.

10. Robin Williams turned down the lead

The late, great Robin Williams turned down the opportunity to star in Liar Liar, but a year later he teamed up with the film’s director Tom Shadyak.

Shadyak, who also directed Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura 1 and Bruce Almighty in 2003, worked with Williams in the 1998 grossing film Patch Adams.

9. Jim Carrey turned down the role of Doctor Evil to star in this film.

Jim Carrey was interested in playing Doctor Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, but he decided to turn down Mike Myers’ offer when the opportunity arose to star in Liar Liar.

Myers did not originally plan to play more than one character in his Austin Powers films, but after Carrie switched ship, he took on the role of Doctor Evil.

8. The plot of the film has a number of similarities with one of the episodes of the “Twilight Zone”.

In addition to what some consider the film to be a remake of the 1969 musical comedy A Day Without Lies, many reviewers have noted that Liar Liar’s plot is very similar to the Twilight Zone episode titled The Whole Truth.

In this episode, which originally aired in 1961, a used car salesman tricked a man out of his car, only to find out that whoever owns that car must always tell the truth.

7. Jim Carrey plays two different characters in the film

Even if you’ve watched this classic many times, you might not have noticed that Jim Carrey plays two different characters.

In addition to the protagonist Fletcher Reed, Carrie also makes a brief appearance as Fire Marshal Bill, a character he also portrayed in the popular 90s sketch comedy series Live Color, who can be seen in the background with a walkie-talkie at the end. film “Liar, Liar”.

6. Because of the film, Carrie suffered from extreme exhaustion.

Jim Carrey later revealed that he was constantly expected to perform more and more obsessively during the filming of the film.

“It was a constant suppression of anger, I was constantly losing my temper,” – said the actor in an interview, continuing: “I returned home completely exhausted.”

5. Carrie did beat himself up in the bathroom scene

Jim Carrey’s dedication to his art was no more evident than in the scene where he beats himself up in the bathroom.

Incredibly, no sound effects were required for this scene because you hear the real sounds of Carrie’s head hitting the floor, walls and urinals.

4. The film was the last work of two famous actors at once

Liar Liar was the last role of actor Don Keefer, who retired shortly after the completion of the film and passed away in 2014 at the age of 98.

The film also focuses on Blue Thunder and WarGames actor Jason Bernard, who died shortly after filming ended when he suffered a heart attack that caused him to crash in a car he was driving.

3. The actor who played Fletcher’s son Max is now a sports commentator.

Fletcher’s son Reed Max was played by Justin Cooper, whose only role on the big screen was the title role in the 1998 family comedy Dennis the Threat Strikes Again.

Cooper’s most recent acting role was in 1999’s Guardian Brother, and the former child star is now a sports commentator for Fox Sports Radio.

2. “Claws” is a game that Jim Carrey’s father played with him and his siblings.

Liar Liar begins and ends with Fletcher Reed playing with his son Max, in which he pretends that his hand is an evil claw chasing his fleeing son.

Jim Carrey later revealed that his father played the game “Claw” with him and his three older siblings John, Patricia and Rita when they were growing up.

1. This is one of the most successful Universal Pictures films of all time.

Liar Liar proved to be a huge box office success, grossing over £ 300 million on a $ 45 million budget.

In fact, in its first three days of release, the film made more money than nearly all films in the impressive Universal Pictures catalog, second only to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.


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