J.Lo will pop out to marry Owen Wilson. Reedus


The Russian division of Universal has shared on the Web a dubbed trailer for a new upcoming project – the romantic comedy First Comer. The main roles in the film are divided between Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Colombian singer Maluma.

The film tells the story of superstar singer Kat Valdez, who is about to be proposed by her fiancé, popular performer Bastian, after which they embark on a grand concert tour. However, before the very first concert, Kat learns that Bastian is cheating on her with an assistant.

Going on stage, Kat agrees to get married – only the groom is now an ordinary math teacher who happens to be at a concert. This is where the chain of funny events begins, which in one way or another should lead the heroes to the expected happy ending.

The project is directed by Kat Koiro. For the director, who previously worked on TV (her filmography includes episodes of “Shameless” and “American Family”), this full-length work will be her debut. The expansive trailer makes the entire film predictable – this is not the first time Universal has released such detailed commercials, but this has never been a disadvantage in this genre.

It is worth noting that J.Lo is still incredibly pretty and fits quite well into the role of rom-com heroines, despite the fact that she is already over fifty. Roughly the same can be said about Owen Wilson: the actor is not the first time to play romantic characters, so he will probably cope with the main task perfectly.

And the date of the premiere was chosen the most successful: “The First Comer” will be released in Russia on February 10 – exactly before Valentine’s Day. Would you go to the movies?

Another project from Universal – “Gucci House” with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver – made a splash long before the release of the screens. Recently, foreign critics shared their first impressions of the film, which will be released in Russia on December 2.


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