Jennifer Aniston from the series “Friends” spoke about finding a soul mate, details, latest news :: TV series ::


The actress revealed the details of her personal life in a fresh interview.

The 52-year-old Friends star is hoping to find a soul mate. The artist is sure that there is still a place for love in her life. Jennifer Aniston does not hide that she is open to new novels.

According to the artist, her man does not have to be related to the Hollywood crowd. The “Friends” star can easily imagine a person next to him who is far from cinema and leads an ordinary life.

Aniston does not use dating apps. Moreover, the celebrity opposes such services. Jennifer prefers to meet people offline, for example, in public places.

The actress does not think about marriage. She is passionate about work, devotes a lot of time to her friends and dogs – she has three pets. Aniston loves her home and is happy to return to her home after a hard day at work. Jennifer considers herself a happy person.

Also, the artist denied rumors of an affair with a colleague on the TV series “Friends” David Schwimmer. Jennifer’s gossip seemed outrageous. Aniston stressed that she could not have an affair with Schwimmer, since they are now “like relatives.”



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