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Persons non grata: who has been branded by the

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Photo: Depositphotos

The “culture of cancellation” is a relatively new phenomenon in society. Offensive glances, careless statements on the Internet, inappropriate behavior – all this can lead to the fact that the star is exposed to canselling, that is, lose work and advertising contracts, fans and, probably, family and health. Time Out recalled several stars that the public decided to “cancel”.

Reason for “cancellation“. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has received public criticism for her controversial transphobic comments on Twitter.

Case materials: The writer re-posted to her page the article “Opinion: Creating a fairer world for people who are menstruating after COVID-19” and signed it as follows: “People who are menstruating. I’m sure there was a special word for these people. Someone help me remember. Zhunschiny? Zhmenshchiny? “

A flurry of negative comments rained down under the post. Rowling was also condemned by former Potter colleagues – Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. A few days later, the author tried to explain her position, but few were convinced by the arguments.

Fans paint over the name of the writer, call for a boycott of her works and ask the publisher to stop funding her activities.


J.K. Rowling’s Twitter

Sentence: canceled.

Reason for “cancellation“. Comedian Kevin Hart was supposed to host the Oscar, but his impartial statements about the LGBT community were found on the network.

Case materials: It was about comic tweets that Hart published in 2009-2010, in which he ridiculed LGBT people in a derogatory tone.

In one of the tweets, Kevin Hart wrote: “Yo. If my son comes home and tries to play with my daughter’s dollhouse, I will break it over his head and say, ‘Stop it, gay.’

The posts were later deleted, but the Hart scandal did not subside for a long time. As a result, the artist refused the role of the host at the film awards and apologized:

“I decided to step down as host of the Oscars this year because I don’t want the talented people celebrating at night to be distracted by my personality. I sincerely apologize to the LGBT community for my disrespectful words in the past. “

Sentence: acquitted.

Reason for “cancellation“. Numerous actresses have accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape.

Case materials: After the accusations, Weinstein’s career went downhill. This was followed by divorce and health problems (back surgery, blurred vision).

On October 5, 2017, the American newspaper The New York Times in its material accused the famous producer of numerous sexual harassment. According to women, he offered them a successful career in exchange for an intimate relationship.

On February 24, 2020, a jury in New York found Weinstein guilty. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Sentence: canceled.

Reason for “cancellation“. Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence, to which Depp filed a defamation counterclaim.

Case materials: The actor has repeatedly stated that his ex-wife cheated on him and repeatedly allowed herself to dismiss her hands during quarrels. The news instantly spread throughout the media – the British tabloid The Sun also touched on the scandal, calling Depp “a man who beats his wife.” The actor filed a lawsuit for libel and against the publication, but the court rejected it, which greatly affected the reputation of the star.

Global companies refuse to cooperate with Depp. Warner Bros. terminated the contract with the actor – now the role of Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be played by Mads Mikkelsen, and the streaming service Netflix has removed all films with his participation from the American library.

Sentence: canceled.

Reason for “cancellation“. The star of the project “Heads and Tails” said in one of her interviews that women themselves are to blame for becoming victims of domestic violence.

Case materials: “What did you do to prevent him from hitting you?” – the TV presenter wondered aloud during an interview with PeopleTalk magazine. Netizens instantly criticized Regina’s position.

Glamor magazine stripped her of the title of “Woman of the Year”, Pampers and PepsiCo announced the termination of cooperation. Later, Todorenko apologized, made a documentary about violence and donated two million rubles to the center.


Sentence: acquitted.

Reason for “cancellation“. Actress Gina Carano, familiar to many from the series “The Mandalorian”, once again hit the epicenter of attention because of the scandalous post.

Case materials: Previously, the girl had already ridiculed wearing masks in a pandemic, criticized the counting of votes in the last elections, mockingly spoke about transgender people, but the last straw was an Instagram story, in which Carano actually compared the policy of the Republicans with the policy of Germany during the Third Reich. The post quickly disappeared, but the screenshot managed to spread across the network.

Due to the excitement that arose, Lucasfilm decided to fire the star of The Mandalorian. In addition, the agency representing her broke the contract with the actress.


Sentence: canceled.

Reason for “cancellation“. Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld star and former fiancée of Marilyn Manson, accused the iconic rocker of violence.

Case materials: According to the girl, the musician began to look after her when she was still a teenager, manipulated her and forced her to obey. Previously, the actress several times mentioned the experience of violence, but did not mention the name of the abuser.

After Wood’s Instagram post, four more women spoke out against the rocker.

Photographer Ashley Walters spoke about psychological abuse, model Sarah McNeilly mentioned that the musician hit her against the wall and promised to smash her face, and Ashley Lindsay Morgan and the fourth victim Gabriella reported sexual abuse.

As a result, the recording studio Loma Vista Recordings and the producers of “American Gods” refused to cooperate with the star – they cut Manson from the last episode with his participation. In addition, he was excluded from the “Kaleidoscope of Horror” show.

Sentence: canceled.

Reason for “cancellation“. In early January, Agents A.N.K.L star Armie Hammer found himself at the center of a multidimensional scandal.

Case materials: The actor’s Instagram correspondence got into the network, where he confessed to cannibalism and insisted that he had cut out the animal’s heart and ate it warm. Armie called the correspondence stupid and declined to comment on the matter.

The Daily Mail later took part in the investigation. The publication published posts from the actor’s anonymous Instagram account, including a scandalous video where Hammer licks suspicious white crystals from his fellow traveler’s hand and has fun with Miss Cayman Islands.

True, the competition committee assures that their participants did not appear in this orgy and the girls in the frame have nothing to do with them. Armie Hammer apologized and confirmed that his words in the video were just a joke.

Against the backdrop of the hype, the actor left three projects – the film “Airplane Wedding” with Jennifer Lopez, the “Gaslighting” TV series about the Watergate scandal and the mini-series “The Godfather”. In addition, the largest Hollywood agency WME broke the contract with him.

The case is pending.

Reason for “cancellation“. Actor Ray Fisher, who played a cyborg in Justice League, said in August that director Joss Whedon’s behavior on set was rude, offensive and completely unprofessional towards the actors. The story did not receive much publicity.

Case materials: In February, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer caste made accusations against the show’s creator and accused Whedon of emotional abuse. So, Charisma Carpenter admitted that for several years she was forced to endure bullying behavior on the part of the director. He called the girl fat during pregnancy, insisted on an abortion, threatened to be fired, and did it after the actress gave birth.

The case is pending.


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