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Earlier, the mayor of Moscow announced a twofold reduction in the number of migrants at the capital’s construction sites. He pointed out that it is necessary to involve people of “a different quality” in such work, for example, Russians from the regions, and to increase the salaries of the builders.

Photo: Alexey Kudenko / RIA Novosti

Photo: Alexey Kudenko / RIA Novosti

In Moscow, among the district utilities there is a reserve for reducing the number of migrants, while in large housing and communal services enterprises there are practically none. This was stated by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“They remained at the level of housing GBUshek, where there is a lot of janitorial work, rough and low-paid. But even there, it seems to me, there is a reserve where to move, ”he clarified.

In early November, the vice-mayor of Moscow for urban planning policy and construction Andrei Bochkarev said in an interview with RBC that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, 40 thousand out of 120 thousand migrants remained in the city. According to him, in order to solve the problem of the personnel crisis, the capital’s authorities planned to reduce the number of labor migrants at construction sites.

So, Sobyanin noted on November 17 that Russians from the regions should be attracted to work on construction sites, the wages for builders should be increased and working conditions should be created for them. The idea of ​​abandoning the use of labor migrants’ forces on construction sites in the capital was approved by more than half of Russians – 54%.

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Photo: Denis Grishkin / RIA Novosti

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