The chief physician of Karelia has commented on the prolongation of the validity of QR codes for patients with coronavirus


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova proposed extending the certificate for COVID-19 patients to one year. As a reminder, this document is now valid for only six months. The prime minister’s initiative was supported by Vladimir Putin. As the Deputy Prime Minister noted, after the President approves the corresponding proposal, the necessary changes will be made to the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

This decision was caused by observations of those who had been ill – doctors note that the proportion of those who had recovered from the total number of those who had been ill is small, only 0.74%, and they can consider themselves conditionally protected throughout the year.

Natalia Vezikova. Photo: “Respublika” / Sergei Yudin

“As a practitioner, I can say that those who have been ill develop stronger immunity. We see this on the example of our patients, – the chief therapist of Karelia Natalya Vezikova supports the opinion of colleagues. “But if a person has suffered a coronavirus and is now taking drugs that suppress the immune system, then, I think, it’s better to revaccinate after six months.”

Tatyana Golikova at a meeting with the president also noted that the terms of revaccination for those who have been ill and for those who were initially vaccinated remain the same – a decision on revaccination will have to be made after six months.

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