Angelina Jolie’s black Versace dress is one of the main red carpet memes


The main detail of this dress is a deep side slit that completely exposes Angelina’s right leg. Due to the fact that the skirt of the dress was wide, she had to put her leg very far, then completely stretching, then bending. It was impossible not to notice – on the same evening, the dress became a meme, and Jolie even got a twitter at her right leg. Jolie’s infinitely long leg was attached to Queen Elizabeth, Voldemort, the Statue of Liberty, Whistler’s old mother and even to Brad’s head on both sides. Did Angelina and Donatella themselves want such an effect? Remembering her famous exit years later, Jolie said that initially she had two dresses to choose from – a complex and simpler one. And, as it turned out, the one that Jolie chose turned out to be the second option. Why did it become a meme? “I felt so comfortable that I relaxed,” explained the celebrity.

How to Become an Internet Sensation? Exaggerated details are important – the outfit should first of all have a simple association. Think of Rihanna’s yellow dress in 2015 with a round train, on which later meme lovers put pizza, or Ezra Miller’s Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli down jacket, in which he looked like a caterpillar, or Katy Perry in the form of a chandelier – these outfits were destined to get funny interpretation. But Angelina made a meme out of a classic black dress – sometimes, to become a legend or, in any case, a sensation, you just need to decide on a bizarre gesture, for example, to put your leg to the side.

Angelina Jolie wearing Versace dress at the 84th Academy Awards, 2012. Photo: Getty Images

Getty Images


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