J. Lo, why did you offend a fan? A fan complained about the singer, but instead of likes – the title of drama queen


J. Lo, why did you offend a fan?  The girl remembered the case with the star, but instead of likes - criticism

Tiktok blogger told how the singer Jennifer Lopez allegedly rudely treated her when the girl was still a child. But oops: instead of sympathy, I caught a hate, and all because the viewers are sure: celebrities also deserve the right to personal boundaries.

Blogger with nickname mythirdeyehurts in tiktok, at the end of May, she burst into a trend that was launched by a user of the platform back in April rytoast10… The essence of the flash mob fits into one sentence:

Tell me about a time when celebrities were rude to you.

The characters in the story are the tiktoker herself, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, and also disappointment in her idol.

In the footage, the tiktoker recalls an incident from childhood that occurred in 2001 or 2002, when the future blogger, who was then 11–12 years old, went on vacation with her family. Here their car stops in front of a traffic light, a bored girl looks out the window, and there …

There was a black car literally 3-4 feet away from me. The window goes down. And when I looked at the person, and he looked at me, it turned out to be ******* [чёртова] Jennifer Lopez!

However, sparks, storms and madness did not happen. According to the girl, she was simply speechless:

I couldn’t normally say “Hello!”

J. Lo, why did you offend a fan?  The girl remembered the case with the star, but instead of likes - criticism
Jennifer Lopez

Bye mythirdeyehurts tried to return to reality, the green light came on. The star’s car moved off, taking with it the dream of any young fan. According to the blogger, she asked her mother to speed up to say hello to J. Lo, but alas.

This ***** [стерва] closed the window in front of my face!

It would seem that tiktok users will sympathize with the fan of J.Lo, but oh. Instead, the commentators explained to the blogger why she shouldn’t have taken offense at the singer.

Other tiktokers assured that they also met with J.Lo, but the star behaved very differently with them:

Another blogger also became disillusioned with the star after meeting her. The girl wanted a photo with Anthony Mackie, but in life Falcon turned out to be Thanos.

But the fan of Quentin Tarantino was more fortunate. The director without hesitation agreed to give the girl an autograph, only now other fans found a reason to be offended.


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