The State Duma proposed to increase the tax deduction when buying an apartment for families with children


State Duma Deputy Ivan Sukharev proposed increasing the tax deduction for the purchase of housing by 1 million rubles (of which 13% of personal income tax can be returned) for each child. A copy of the letter addressed to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova is at the disposal of RT.

In his appeal, the legislator noted that the property deduction for the purchase of housing is provided in the amount of actual expenses incurred, but cannot exceed the maximum amount – 2 million rubles. At the same time, the presence of children with the buyer does not affect the amount of this deduction.

“Due to the fact that supporting families with children, creating conditions for the all-round development of children are the foundations of state policy in the field of supporting families, I ask you to instruct you to consider the feasibility of increasing the maximum amount of property deduction when purchasing housing by families with children, increasing the amount of property deduction by 1 million rubles for each child in the family, ”the text of the appeal says.

Currently, every working citizen has the right to use a property deduction of up to 2 million rubles once when purchasing a home and return 13% of this amount to the family budget in the form of previously paid personal income tax.

Earlier, the ombudsman for the rights of the child in the Republic of Tatarstan, the founder of the National Parents’ Committee, Irina Volynets, proposed to prohibit the seizure of housing purchased with maternity capital for debts.

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