This Awkward Moment: J-Lo thinks Ben Affleck has “monstrous” tattoos


Looking at the idyllic photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, it’s hard to imagine that lovers might have disagreements. However, in some ways, the views of J-Lo and Affleck do not converge! We are talking about the actor’s tattoos: in a 2016 interview, Lopez called them “monstrous.”

The singer gave such an unflattering assessment when the host of Watch What Happens Live showed her a photo of a giant phoenix tattoo covering Affleck’s entire back and asked her what she thought about it.

“This is a monstrous tattoo! Lopez said. – Why did he do it? It’s too bright. Ben always has too flashy tattoos. They shouldn’t be so striking – do you understand what I mean? “

Ben Affleck

Note that not only J-Lo found Affleck’s tattoo strange. In 2015, when the paparazzi first photographed the actor with a full-back tattoo, the Internet literally exploded with jokes and memes in this regard. Social media users have assumed that Affleck is in midlife crisis and that the phoenix personifies himself, rebelling after alcohol problems, depression and divorce from Jennifer Garner. The actor was so discouraged by the increased attention to his tattoo that he said that he made it for a new role and that it is not real. Later, he nevertheless admitted that he got a tattoo for himself and he really likes it. Well, this is the most important thing!

At the moment, Lopez and Affleck are resting in Saint-Tropez, where they came to celebrate the singer’s birthday. There were rumors that on J-Lo’s birthday Affleck would propose to her, but, apparently, they were not confirmed. One thing we know for sure: the couple plans to move in soon and are already looking for a suitable house in Los Angeles.

Photo: Getty Images, Legion-Media


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