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25 November 2021 12:57

Actress Maria Shukshina, in her Telegram channel, responded to a letter from doctors from 11 hospitals in Russia, who turned to opponents of vaccination against coronavirus.

In addition to Shukshina, the doctors personally approached the singer Natalia Vetlitskaya, showman Oskar Kucher, musician Konstantin Kinchev, singer and composer Yuri Loza, inviting them to the “red zones” of coronavirus hospitals. “Please do not get fooled by the substitution of concepts: we are not against the vaccination process, but the procedure for its implementation, and on this side there are Nobel Prize winners, world-renowned scientists, a huge number of doctors of sciences and just honest people. We are not against the vaccine, ”Shukshina wrote, explaining that she was in favor of further research on the vaccine.

She also pointed out to the doctors that her associates would not fit on excursions in the “red zone”, and expressed regret that the political strategists want to “push their heads against conditional vaccines and anti-vaccines.”

Earlier, the Instagram account of actress Maria Shukshina, who actively opposed mass vaccination against coronavirus, was temporarily restricted

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