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The Amazon company has been having problems since 10:40 on Tuesday, according to reports from the United States.

Amazon, the American e-commerce company and AWS with cloud computing services, experienced a global drop from approximately 10:40 on Tuesday, according to reports from hundreds of users collected through the network Downdetector.

With this resounding crash, Amazon left delivery trucks idle with drivers unable to access their routes and destroying popular websites and banking applications that depend on the company’s cloud servers and affecting thousands of customers.

The platform, Amazon Music and Prime video, Alexa, Ring and Amazon Web Services, which offers a number of services for online applications, began experiencing problems at 10:40 a.m.

With this fall, star services of the company such as sales through Amazon Prime also fail, especially during Christmas shopping season.

The Amazon website is down for most users, with only a few reports of problems with the app and others because they cannot pay for accumulated purchases in their carts. DownDetector, a site that monitors online outages, shows North America, parts of Europe and Asia are experiencing problems, Mail Online noted.

When Amazon stopped, it took with it large swaths of the internet, including those Alexa, Ring, Disney +, Tinder, Venmo, and Prime Video, which crash on cloud server outage: Christmas deliveries on Amazon are now expected to delay even more.

Amazon explanations

Amazon officials previously said they had identified the ‘root cause’ of the problem and were working to fix it. Amazon said the outage was likely due to issues related to the application programming interface (API), which is a set of protocols for building and integrating application software. “We are experiencing API and console issues in the US-EAST-1 region,” Amazon said in a report on its service health dashboard.

In a later update, the company reported that it was “starting to see some signs of recovery,” but could not say when service will be fully restored. “We do not have an ETA for full recovery at this time,” Amazon said. The Amazon Web Services outage is far worse than the others because it provides cloud computing services to individuals, universities, governments, and businesses around the world.

The Amazon website is down for at least 20,000 users in the US.

The outage has affected a wide variety of service providers around the world, including iRobot, Chime, CashApp, CapitalOne, GoDaddy, Associated Press, Instacart Kindle, and Roku. Some users also reported problems with Disney +, but the app appeared to be back online just before 1pm in New York. Ring said it was aware of the problem and was working to resolve it. “A major Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage is currently impacting our iRobot Home application,” iRobot said on its website. (I)

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