This is how Jaime Camil sounds singing “The King” in his character as Vicente Fernández: VIDEO

Almost four months have passed since the renowned Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez is hospitalized due to a fall he had in his Ranch, and it is under this panorama that the reflectors of the entertainment guild have turned on the singer, which is why it has drawn attention that last month of October It was confirmed that there will be a series that will tell the life of “El Charro de Huentitán”, which will be will transmit through the streaming platform, Netflix.

To the surprise of many, it was revealed a few weeks ago that the actor assigned to give life to Vicente Fernandez in the series is Jaime Camil, and since this news was released, the eye public It has positioned itself on the Mexican actor, comedian and singer.

The series that tells the life of Vicente Fernández

It is well known that the Mexican singer, Vicente Fernandez, has been the creator of a strong dynasty starting with his son “El Potrillo” and even his grandchildren, who have also ventured into the area musical, thus being a profession for some of them.

It is under this extensive legacy in the guild artistic that the interest in telling the intimate details in the life of the famous singer has grown, especially since it is expected that the production will tell his life from the the beginning humble of “Don Chente”, when he worked as construction worker, to become one of the greatest idols in music in our country.

Jaime Camil in his role Vicente Fernández

It is important to highlight regarding this production that every detail of this upcoming series has been evaluated and reviewed by Vicente Fernández himself, who has approved to tell about his history of life to inspire generations.

This production of the icon of ranchera music that will be starring by Jaime Camil in the adult stage of the singer, will count from his childhood until he becomes the figure he is today through 36 chapters that will be recorded in various locations in Mexico and the United States.

You have now called the attention of the followers of “El Charro de Huentitán” who recently broadcast through the program “Ventaneando” the first scenes where it is possible to listen to Jaime Camil singing like “Don Chente” during the recordings of the bioseries, which has unleashed a furor, as they are faithful proof that Camil, in addition to being able to physically resemble the father of “El Potrillo”, also has the power in the voice necessary to interpret songs like “The King”.


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