In Valledupar they report the first case of black fungus

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In Valledupar the first case of the so-called ‘black fungus’ was reported, it is a patient who is receiving medical attention at the Rosario Pumarejo Hospital, as indicated by the authorities.

And it is that according to the Secretary of Health of Valledupar, Erika Maestre, the patient is from Venezuela, who came to Colombia to receive medical attention due to the difficult conditions of the health system in his country.

“In the department of Cesar we have had cases of black fungus associated with covid-19, but this is the first case we have of a patient from the neighboring country who brings the infection. Many Venezuelans bring health complications because in their country they are not cared for and it is very difficult to manage this situation. “, Said the official.

The ‘black fungus’ or mucormycosis, is an infection that affects the paranasal sinuses, the brain, the lungs and the eyes, and which is proliferating at high speed, especially in convalescing patients from Covid-19.

For now, the Valledupar Health Secretariat is trying to establish whether there are other patients with this disease, whose mortality rate is between 40 and 80%, depending on the health conditions of each person.

According to information from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the first symptoms are fever, pain, congestion, inflammation, and depending on the organs in which the mold grows, it can seriously affect them with manifestations according to the damage. It can also spread through the blood, producing systemic failures that can lead to death.

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