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There are times when you get to see the story of a friend or relative that you follow in Instagram and you ask yourself the following: “Where do they download those filters?”, because these effects are easy to get and the best of all is that you will not have to pay anything for them. The aforementioned social network has its own filters that come by default in the mobile application, however, it also offers you the possibility of getting many more in order to give a touch of originality to the photos and videos that you are going to upload.

What are filters Instagram? They are effects that you add to your images or videos to beautify yourself or do something that is not possible only with the application’s camera, such as: now that we are at Christmas time you can get an effect that gives the feeling that snow is falling on your house or on the street.

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Most applications such as: Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc., have different filters, some more amazing than others, so below we will teach you up to two different procedures so that you can obtain in Instagram new, original and free effects.


  • First, make sure Instagram do not have pending updates in the Google Play or App Store.
  • Then open the Storie of a friend of yours or famous user that you follow.
  • At the bottom of the user’s name, located in the upper left corner, you can see the filter they are using, press it.
  • If the Storie contains text and music apart from the filter, these options will appear: ‘See effect’, ‘See translation’ and ‘Listen to music’, choose the first one.
  • A new menu will appear, tap on ‘Save effect’ to store it or ‘Explore effect gallery’.
  • In the latter you can find different filters or effects, because at the top there is a carousel with different sections: Saved, Followed (those used by your followers), Reels, Instagram, Selfies, etc.
  • Look at the filters that appear in the videos and at the bottom, you have the possibility to test or save them.
  • Another procedure is by opening the app> touching on Your story (upper left)> pressing the camera icon> sliding all the default and stored filters to the left until you find the magnifying glass icon> pressing it and looking for the filters.

How to use the default Instagram filters

  • Login to your profile Instagram from your Android or iOS mobile.
  • Here, tap on the plus (+) icon, it’s at the top.
  • Several options will be displayed, press the one that says ‘History’.
  • Your image gallery will open, click on the camera icon.
  • At the bottom you will see all the filters that come by default in InstagramAlso, those that you have been storing since you have installed the app.
  • Finally, start taking photos of yourself or recording a story to publish.

Having trouble logging into Instagram? Is your account hacked, suspended or blocked? Do you need help to activate your account? You can solve all these questions and more inconveniences with the application in the help center, just click here.

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